‘The Bachelorette’: Why Luke P. Is Grateful For The Tough Times

The two-night season finale of The Bachelorette begins tonight and Bachelor Nation can barely contain their glee. We’ll all be tuning in to see who Hannah Brown gives her final rose to. One person who is no longer a contender for Alabama Hannah’s heart is Luke P. Though Luke P. received Brown’s first impression rose, he quickly became a point of contention throughout the show.

Hannah Brown & Luke Parker On The Bachelorette
Hannah Brown and Luke Parker | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The villain of Season 15

Constantly gaslighting the bachelorette and fighting with his fellow contestants quickly earned him the title of this season’s 5’8 villain. Bachelor Nation has also made it a point to show how disgusted they are with Luke P.’s behavior. Luke P. has admitted the past few months have been extraordinarily difficult for him, but now he admits that he’s grateful for them. But just why is that the case?

Do you even lift, bro

This weekend, the former bachelorette contestant took to his Instagram to share a photo of him lifting weights along with a novel-length caption. In the post, he explained why he was grateful for the tough times because they would help shape him into a better version of himself. “One thing I love about training is how it relates to life so well. It’s amazing the lessons we can learn for life just through our bodies response to exercise and our desire to be fit,” Luke P. wrote.

“This applies to CrossFit or any other workout. Over time, our bodies will adapt to carry the load or run the distance. When we put ourselves through hard workouts we are actually tearing ourselves down, but without the tearing down there can be no building up. Keeping that in mind reminds us to enjoy these hard workouts because they will make us stronger mentally and physically. Have a hunger for the growth,” The Bachelorette cast member continued.

Transferrable skills

Luke P. then went on to explain how he feels these skill transfer into real-life scenarios. “The same principle applies to LIFE, when we go through struggles and hard times we need to endure them knowing we will grow from them. To the point that you’re thankful for trials or tough times because of who you are after the fact,” he continued.

Bachelor Nation responds

Fans of Luke P. seemed to have mixed feelings about his message. Many of them still haven’t forgiven him for his tenure on The Bachelorette. Some women even went so far as to warn other women that Luke P. showed telltale signs of an abuser. Others were in a completely different camp and they thanked Luke P. for his “inspirational words”.

A learning opportunity

We hope that Luke P. will use the backlash he has received from being on The Bachelorette as an opportunity to learn and grow, but we certainly won’t hold our breath. Part of growth comes from admitting when you were wrong, and Luke P. has been unable to own up to all of his errors. We can only hope that he does some serious soul-searching before he decides he wants to date again. One thing’s for sure, we’re glad we won’t be seeing him in paradise.