‘The Bachelorette’: Luke P. Has a Fan Club and It’s Weirder Than You’d Think

We know, you’re tired of Luke Parker. So is most of the rest of the internet. Since Parker came onto the scene, he’s been manipulating his way into Hannah Brown’s heart. From his ridiculously early confession of his love for her to his tattling on the other men for Brown’s “benefit,” Parker is pretty much the worst kind of guy.

And most Bachelorette fans see it and aren’t afraid to bring it up.

What do most fans think of Parker?

On Monday nights, Twitter has mostly become a Parker hate fest.

“At this point I think they should have a therapist on the “Men Tell All” episode in order to show why Luke P. is so toxic, and why one should look out for red flags instead of ignoring them,” one fan tweeted.

Others called Parker out for his toxic ways.

“I SINCERELY hope that every girl watching #theBachelorette  can use these episodes to help her spot the red flags in some of her own relationships. Or that her friends spot them and shake her out of it. It is so easy to make excuses for someone and not see the manipulation,” another said.

Some even wondered how Brown could choose Parker over any of the remaining guys.

“LUKE OVER GARRETT?!?” one person tweeted. “Hannah, are YOU here for the right reasons?”

And while most Bachelorette fans can agree that Parker is problematic and pretty much the inventor of the red flag, there is a small subset of people in the corner of the internet that absolute adore Parker.

Parker’s fan club

If you take a look at Parker’s Instagram page, it’s filled with women who back up the villain of the season.

“Luke is a wonderful Christian man with Godly values and faith in our Lord beyond measure!!!” one fan commented on Parker’s July 1 post. “He is confident, loves Christ, and is very kind and very much in love with God. As he should be and we all need to be. I’ve met him a few times and rest assured he is the real deal don’t believe everything you see on TV.”

Some of the fans even went as far as to defend Parker’s aggressive behavior.

“I have watched every single episode this season and even with the abstinence topic aside, I still feel the same way,” one fan commented. “I’m not going to hate a person just because that’s what the crowd decided to do. Luke has tried to be nice to the guys but they just won’t have it. The only one ruining the time they get with Hannah is the other guys making the show all about Luke. And by the way, just because a man gets a little aggressive at a rugby match and clinches his fist at another man when they are having a heated discussion does not mean he’s going to assault a woman.”

Others just feel an extreme amount of compassion for Parker.

“I’m not even remotely a fan, but no one deserves to be bullied like this online,” one person wrote to the Parker haters. “I was actually mortified reading these hateful, degrading comments. Your comments are just as horrible as his actions were. This guy has family and friends who love him. You don’t know what kind of mental state he is in reading these comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it.”

Though the internet and the rest of the men on the show seem to be at odds over Parker, none of that matters until Brown finally decides how she feels about him.