‘The Bachelorette’: Luke P.’s Sister-In-Law Calls Hannah Brown ‘Childish’

We met Luke Parker’s sister-in-law, Hannah Parker, during hometowns. Viewers will remember the conversation she had with Bachelorette Hannah Brown about Luke’s nature. The Parkers assured Brown that Luke has a big heart and is well-liked by his peers. 

After the episode aired, Hannah Parker posted a photo of herself, her baby, and her husband on Instagram. The caption read: “HOMETOWNS! @alabamahannah was a sweetheart the only issue I had with her going into hometowns was that I’m a @universityofga alumni so of course Kennedy had to rep the dawgs that night! #godawgs #thebachelorette#teamlukep.” 

But as the season progressed, Luke’s sister-in-law seemed to gain a few more issues with Brown.

Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Luke P.’s sister-in-law recaps ‘Men Tell All’ 

After “Men Tell All,” Hannah Parker did a recap of the episode in her Instagram stories. She explained to her followers why she felt her brother-in-law attended the fantasy suite rose ceremony after being sent home. 

“So Luke went back I think to have a chance to explain why he said the things that he said to Hannah on their fantasy suite date since Hannah never gave him a chance to speak to why he said the things that he said, and I think America would have liked to have heard that, too,” she said, despite Luke telling the camera on his way to the ceremony that he felt Brown was making a mistake, that she had never told him that she loved him but that he could tell. It was made clear during the episode that Luke went back because he had a ring and wanted to propose to Brown. 

“Now as far as Hannah saying ‘no’ and not giving Luke an opportunity to talk to her, I think that was pretty childish and she should have just stepped to the side and talked to Luke then handled it that way. But it’s unfortunate that it went down the way that it did. I think Luke should have left a long time ago but that’s what I have to say about that part of this episode,” Hannah Parker went on. 

Luke P.’s sister-in-law calls Hannah Brown’s ‘Men Tell All’ apology ‘childish’

Hannah Parker called Brown ‘childish’ at another point in her recap videos in response to the apology speech Brown made during “Men Tell All.”  

“I keep making these videos and not posting them because I’m being really ugly so all I will say is I’m over Hannah and I’m over the way that she’s acting and I’m over the way that she’s coming at my family. I’m tired of it and I think it’s pretty childish, especially that speech at the end of the “Men Tell All,”” she said. 

She concluded her recap stories by declaring that she will no longer be a Bachelor franchise viewer. 

“I will watch next week but I will no longer watch any of the other Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise seasons ever again so I encourage you to do the same because I’ve seen the light,” she said. (How and why she ever enjoyed the show with her ideals in the first place we’ll never know.)  

It’s obvious that the Parkers and Brown no longer get along. Brown didn’t exactly beat around the bush when she told America about the toxic behavior Luke exhibited during their relationship. That’s a hard pill to swallow for any family. But it seems, so far, the Parkers have gone into defense mode rather than owning up to Luke’s actions and helping him to be better.  

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