‘The Bachelorette’: Which Luke Will Go Home Next Episode?

The battle of the Lukes took place during the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, and fans are figuring that the end of the road is near for one of the contestants.

The quarrel started during the rugby match that took place during last episode’s group date. Luke P. was very fired up to leave it all out on the field and prove himself to Hannah B., and ended up supposedly body slamming Luke S. (this was not actually shown). Afterward, Luke S., along with many of the other men, got into it with Luke P. over his actions.

Luke S. and Hannah B. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Luke S. and Hannah B. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Luke P. tried to defend himself and say he didn’t really remember what happened in the moment, but he was fearful that Luke S. was going to punch him in the face.

Luke S. protested and said he wasn’t the kind of person to throw punches. Then Garrett called Luke P. out for lying, saying:

“Why would everybody else tell us another story than what you just told us? You just said, ‘Oh I pushed him down, he was on the ground, started cussing me, clenched fists,’ this is all after you said you don’t remember what happened.”

Then Mike called Luke P. a psychopath: “I don’t think you’re right for Hannah. You, time and time again, are the issue. You are aggressive, you are abnormally violent, you scheme about things, you have lied about things. Your character has shown that you are unstable. You are a psychopath. That’s who you are.”

And the drama didn’t stop there. Both Lukes spoke to Hannah B. separately about what was going on. Luke S. pleaded with Luke P. to tell Hannah B. the truth of what happened, and Luke P. told Hannah B. that Luke S. asked him to tell her that he was actually in the right, and he also told her that he’s not sure if Luke S. is here for her because he talks more about his tequila brand than Hannah B.

In their interactions, Hannah B. seemed to be more responsive to what Luke P. was telling her than Luke S.

Will Luke S. or Luke P. get sent home?

After drama like this, it’s uncommon for The Bachelorette to keep both contestants on. There’s a chance they both go home, but we’re thinking she’ll send Luke S. packing and keep Luke P.

Here’s why:

Despite his problematic behavior with the other men, Hannah B. has an intense connection with Luke P.–she has from the beginning. Even though she asked him to give her some space in the episode prior, she told ET during the rugby match that she was “really excited” about her relationship with Luke P.

Additionally, now Hannah B.’s worried Luke S. isn’t here for the right reasons when she’s certain that Luke P. is there for her.

“Luke P. has always definitely shown that he’s here for me so we always have good conversations throughout the day,” she also told ET during the rugby match.

Lastly, Hannah B. posted on Instagram a blurb about next week’s episode:

“I’m excited for you to see next week (we air on Tuesday y’all) how this week concludes for me. I made a decision that I stand by and it will change the course of where things go from here,” she wrote.

She says she makes a decision that she still stands by–as if she’s already predicting there to be naysayers. That sounds like she’s deciding to keep Luke P. on in favor of Luke S. to us. Plus, there are still quite a few Luke P. previews we have yet to get to. Like the one of him screaming in a contestant’s face. We’re thinking he’ll make it through the first rose ceremony shown, but who knows how long he’ll be able to hold on from there.  

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