‘The Bachelorette’: Nick Viall Says Jed Wyatt’s Mom ‘Can’t Keep Track Of All His Girlfriends’

Hometown dates took place last night on The Bachelorette and one family didn’t exactly greet Hannah Brown with open arms. Jed Wyatt’s family was noticeably hesitant to acknowledge their son and brother’s new relationship. 

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images

Jed’s father, Jerry, told the camera that “Hannah seems to be a really nice gal and you can tell they enjoy their time together, but it’s a little surprising because I still don’t have my head around all of this.”

Brown had uncomfortable conversations with both Jed’s mother, Gina, and his sister, Lily. 

Gina expressed to Brown that she knew Jed was “just another guy” to her, and that she probably says “I love you” to “all of them.”   

When Brown asked Gina if she thought Jed was ready to get engaged she replied:

“I wouldn’t have felt that way before just because he’s a musician. You don’t get a diploma to be a musician. So Jed’s had to have jobs and try to create time and space to do his music. It’s his heart and it’s his soul so–he couldn’t go to work full-time and do music. So his path is different, it’s very different.”

Her answer made Brown uneasy. 

Brown’s conversation with Lily didn’t go any smoother. 

“I’m very protective over Jed and making music makes him so happy and honestly, like, him potentially falling in love with you, I’m like, I’m not sure that it’s a good thing,” his sister told Brown. 

Former Bachelor Nick Viall blames the Wyatt family’s behavior on the fact that Jed had a girlfriend 

Prior to the hometowns episode airing, Us Weekly posted a caption to Instagram that read:   

“Hannah doesn’t get the warmest welcome from Jed’s mother on hometown dates.”

Viall replied:

“Probably because she can’t keep track of all his girlfriends.”

Viall has spoken out about the Jed girlfriend scandal before:

“He basically tried to sell himself as an honest person by admitting he wasn’t being honest, but he was still telling a lie while he was doing it, which makes it worst. It’s like a half-truth,” Viall said on the latest episode of his Viall Files podcast. “I believe her. … Any normal person, if they were dating someone and they go on the show and come back, you would be pissed. You’d be hurt… I’m very defensive of this girl. She’s been manipulated by Jed and now she’s kind of out to get him, which I get.”


Viall isn’t alone in thinking the Wyatt family was harsh with Brown because their son and brother had left for the show with another girlfriend. 

At the very least, fans noted the obvious difference between the Wyatt family and the families of Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, and Luke Parker. 

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