‘The Bachelorette’: Peter the Pilot is ‘Falling Very Hard’ For Hannah B.

An E! News exclusive preview shows Peter the pilot looking awfully smitten in a clip with Bachelorette Hannah Brown. The two can be seen talking intimately on what looks to be a date and making out against a wall! Hannah B. seems to be pretty smitten as well–she can’t stop smiling and the pair’s hot, hot makeout sesh ends with her wrapping her legs around him as he lifts her in the air!

Peter and Hannah B. | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Peter and Hannah B. | John Fleenor via Getty Images

“You know my mom was Miss Illinois,” Peter tells Hannah B. at the beginning of the clip.  


“Yeah. She was a pageant queen,” he said.  

“I like your momma,” says Hannah B.  

“You gotta meet my mom,” he tells her. “She’s–yeah, you guys would get along for sure. Like, right now, this couldn’t be going better for me.”

“Good, I’m glad,” she says grinning from ear to ear.  

“I’m super happy,” he says before leading her over to the makeout wall.

Peter the Pilot is falling hard for Hannah B.

We then get a sneak peek at Peter the pilot’s talking head interview and boy is he taken with Hannah Brown.   

“I’m falling very hard for Hannah Kelsey Brown. She just makes you feel so good and so comforted and just, like, inspires you to be a better person. She’s just so sweet. Like that little giggle she does, and just the twinkle in her eye, it sounds so cheesy but I love it. I’m so happy, like this is awesome! That could be my wife right there. That really could.

That was the smoothest takeoff I’ve ever had and this is gonna be the greatest flight of my life. Like, for sure,” he says.

It looks like Luke P. isn’t the only contestant falling for Hannah B.

Hannah B. definitely has chemistry with Luke P. (see: their makeout sesh), but she seems to be smitten with Peter (and equally into her makeout sesh with him).

Could Peter be soaring into the lead?   

What we can expect to see on Monday’s episode

E! News also says Monday’s episode will feature Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen as guests. The actors will, reportedly, be taking Hannah B.’s contestants to a birthing class. E! also reports that Hannah B. will face a “real-life health scare,” but one of her bachelors comes to her rescue. They’ll then be serenaded, in a private-concert setting, of course, by the sounds of pop and soul band, Lukas Graham. Another date features a photo shoot with animal models.    

“The curious Bachelorette once again employs Demi to share with her what the men do when she is not around, reminiscent of the new Illumination Entertainment film from the creators of Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets 2. Will the guys pass Demi’s test? And later, will one man spin out of control and out of Hannah’s life? The men battle to get a rose, whatever it takes,” reads the official synopsis of the episode.

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