‘The Bachelorette’ Revealed: What Actually Happened Between Luke P. And Luke S. On The Rugby Field

The last episode of The Bachelorette ended on a cliffhanger. Much of the episode was about an incident that took place during the rugby match group date. Luke P., of course, was at the center of the drama. Prior to the game, he told the camera: “I’m giving it all I got for Hannah. I refuse to quit. I’ll never quit on her. I think it’s important to show Hannah that I’m willing to fight for her in this relationship.”

'The Bachelorette' rugby match | Robert Clark via Getty Images
‘The Bachelorette’ rugby match | Robert Clark via Getty Images

Other contestants knew, going into the game, that Luke P. was probably going to get a little aggressive.

“Luke P. is a pretty intense guy and I know he’s been going through a little bit of a rough patch with Hannah recently. So, I think he’s going to try pretty hard to prove himself,” John Paul Jones told ET. “So, I think he might be the most rough on the field, but I would say I’ll be the most intense.”

What really happened between Luke P. and Luke S.

And, as it turns out, Luke P. was the roughest on the field, at least according to Luke S. Luke S. accused Luke P. of unnecessarily body slamming him on the field. When the episode aired, the moment was not explicitly shown, but The Bachelorette Instagram recently posted a play-by-play of the physical altercation.

According to Luke P., Luke S. charged at him cursing, swinging his fists. Luke S.’s rebuttal to that was that he’d never do that to someone. But if you take a close look at the footage, it definitely looks like Luke S. charged Luke P. and Luke P.’s actions didn’t just come out of nowhere.  

‘Bachelorette’ fans are siding with Luke P.

In a surprising twist, Bachelorette fans are siding with Luke P. on this one.

“Luke P just has fast reflexes. Luke S did actually come at him. I was surprised to see that. Not fair to Luke P that Hanna wants blood sweat and tears manly man, but when he body slams a dude coming at him, he’s labeled as “violent,”” writes one commenter.

“Clearly Luke S was running at Luke P so Luke Parker was telling the truth. Also Luke S is so whiny I can’t take it. Grow up & get over it. Your here to date Hannah not whine & tattle to her! ..Just my opinion. I’m team Luke P,” writes another.

“dude Luke s did come at like p, he was telling the truth!” comments another Instagrammer.

But amidst all the comments of “Luke P. was telling the truth after all,” there are plenty of comments saying that both of the men should be sent home after this incident. People aren’t so much upset about the violence on the field as they are about the way the men handled communicating to each other and Hannah B. about what happened.

“They both need to go if stuff can’t be sorted…. I’m over the drama,” writes one commenter.

“Send them both home!!” writes another.

Now that you’ve seen the not-so-instant replay, who do you think was in the wrong?

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