‘The Bachelorette’ Season 14: Where to Find All the Men on Social Media

The men of The Bachelorette have to put their best foot forward if they are going to win over Becca Kufrin. But sometimes their social media accounts tell a different story. There has been drama involving social media almost from the very beginning of the season.

That’s because Garrett Yrigoyen, who won the first impression rose, was found liking offensive posts on Instagram. Kufrin and an executive had to respond to the controversy. Yrigoyen later apologized for this and got a new account. Believe it or not, he’s not the only one who has been in the hot seat either.

After Colton Underwood came clean about his history with Tia Booth from Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor, there was some buzz about what might have happened on Twitter. Raven Gates also weighed in on the tricky situation.

So obviously if you want to get the full picture of the men and what is even going on, you might want to check the cast’s social media accounts. Here is where to find all 28 men this season on social media.

1. Alex Templeman

  • The contestant has a funny name referring to his smile.

Instagram: @captain_colgate

It seems like Templeman is very proud of his smile, given Colgate is in his handle. He has posted many pictures out on the water in his profile and hunting. It doesn’t seem like he has a Twitter handle.

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2. Blake Horstmann

  • Horstmann has a few party pics and behind-the-scenes pictures from the show.

Instagram: @balockaye.h

Horstmann came to After the Final Rose on a horse, then rode into the premiere of the show on an ox. He had a pretty good first date smashing things with Kufrin. You can find more pictures of those moments on his profile.

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3. Chase Vergason

  • Vergason doesn’t have that many posts on social media.

Facebook: Chase Vergason

Instagram: @chasevergason

LinkedIn: Chase Vergason

The advertising professional has shots from his college baseball days and current shots in suits. It looks like he’s fairly new to Instagram so there isn’t much on his account, but it’s still worth checking out. You can also find him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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4. Chris Randone

  • Randone tweeted about his time on the show and showed support for Colton Underwood.

Twitter: c__dome

Facebook: Chris Randone

LinkedIn: Christopher Randone

The sales training software CEO is found pretty much everywhere on social media. It has been reported that he had an Instagram handle that was the same as his Twitter handle, but it’s oddly no longer there. He is also new to Twitter with his first tweet being from May 24.

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5. Christian Estrada

  • You can catch more of the model’s picture on Instagram.

Instagram: @estradac11

The model has a lot of pictures posing on Instagram. Estrada hasn’t had much time on the show, but at least, you can see more of him there.

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6. Christon Staples

  • Staples is still dunking on people on Instagram.

Instagram: @everybody_hatechriss

Did you love watching Staples dunk on Kufrin during the show’s premiere? Well, you can find the former Globetrotter doing a lot of that in his videos on Instagram.

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7. Clay Harbor

Tight end Clay Harbor #82 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates with wide receiver DeSean Jackson #10 after scoring a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns during the season opener at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 9, 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tight end Clay Harbor #82 of the Philadelphia Eagles | Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

  • You can learn a lot more about Harbor since he’s been active on social media for football.

Instagram: @clayharbs82

Twitter: @clayharbs82

The football player is pretty visible on social media given his line of work. Before the show, he posted a lot of pictures with family and from his games.

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8. Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood | Jesse Grant/Getty Images

  • The former football player has been defending himself a lot recently.

Twitter: @colt3FIVE

Instagram: @coltonunderwood

The former NFL player is pretty active on social media given his charity work. He also made headlines for getting into some social media drama given he once had a fling with Tia Booth from The Bachelor.

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9. Connor Obrachta

  • You might not be able to find him on Instagram but he is active on Twitter.

Twitter: @CObrochta33

Facebook: Connor Jordan Obrochta

He made a splash by throwing Lincoln Adim’s picture in the pool. It seems like he has also worked as a model and has some of his pictures posted. He reportedly disabled his Instagram account.

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10. Darius Feaster

  • The personal trainer doesn’t have a Twitter account but a lot of pictures on Instagram.

Instagram: @feastthebeast

The sales rep posts a few party pictures and working on his fitness on Instagram. It doesn’t look like he’s on Twitter, so sadly, you won’t be getting tweets from him about the show.

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11. David Ravitz

  • It turns out the chicken is really into a lot of outdoor activities.

Instagram: @david_ravitz

He showed up as a chicken on the first night but still made it through to the next round. He has a lot of family and friend pictures on his profile. But he also seems to like the outdoors with skiing, golfing, and camping pictures.

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12. Garrett Yrigoyen

Garrett Yrigoyen on The Bachelorette

Garrett Yrigoyen | ABC

  • The first impression rose winner had to start over from scratch.

Instagram: @gy_yrigoyen

Garrett Yrigoyen got the first impression rose after showing up in a minivan on the first night. But it didn’t take long for fans to search online to find out more about him, which led to them uncovering multiple offensive likes on Instagram. After apologizing, he got a new Instagram handle, and the profile has just five posts so far.

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13. Grant Vandevanter

  • Check out Vandevanter’s boxing photos.

Instagram: @gvandevanter

The sketch comedian can be found on Instagram. Apparently, he’s also an amateur boxing coach. You can catch him around the ring in some of his photos.

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14. Jake Enyeart

  • Find out more about the guy who had a dramatic moment with Kufrin.

Instagram: @j_enyeart

Facebook: Jake Enyeart

The contestant got to meet Kufrin on After the Final Rose but had a pretty dramatic first night on the show, given he has a history with Kufrin.

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15. Jason Tartick

  • Tartick is pretty funny on Twitter.

Instagram: @jason_tartick

Twitter: @Jason_Tartick

We still have yet to learn more about Jason Tartick. But in the meantime, you can look into his social media accounts. It seems like he can take a joke because he has been retweeting a lot of memes of himself on Twitter.

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16. Jean Blanc

  • Jean Blanc revealed he didn’t put colognoisseur on his application on Twitter.

Twitter: @jean__blanc

Instagram: @jean__blanc

LinkedIn: Jean Blanc

The smooth colognoisseur is also all over social media. He seems new to Twitter, but he has also been around on Instagram.

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17. Joe Amabile

Joe Amabile and Becca Kufrin

Joe Amabile and Becca Kufrin | Joe Amabile via Instagram

  • He posted a reunion with Kufrin recently.

Instagram: @joeamabile1

Many were heartbroken that the grocery store owner’s time was cut so short. But at least he’s available on Instagram. Fans got excited to see Kufrin reunited with Amabile after the show.

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18. John Graham

  • Graham gets a lot more personal on Instagram.

Twitter: @johngraham262

Instagram: @johngraham262 

The Venmo app builder hasn’t gotten much screen time on the show, but you can learn more about him through his profiles. He posts a lot of tech news on Twitter, but he has a lot of cute family posts on Instagram.

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19. Jordan Kimball

  • It’s time to find out what Kimball has been talking about all this time. 

Instagram: @jordan__kimball

Twitter: @jordan__kimball

If you watched the show, then you definitely know that Jordan Kimball is a model. Well, now you can see him strike a pose in his many pictures on Instagram.

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20. Kamil Nicalek

Kamil Nicalek

Kamil Nicalek | Kamil via Instagram

  • The contestant has his real job in his profiles.

Instagram: @kamiloo

Twitter: @KamilNicalek

You might know him as a “social media participant” but he’s a real estate agent. He has a lot of fitness pictures on his Instagram and really loves soccer.

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21. Leo Dottavio

  • The contestant has some awesome photos from his jobs on Instagram.

Instagram: @leofdot

Facebook: leofdot

The long-haired stuntman has really stood out this season. You can catch some behind-the-scenes photos from his jobs on his account.

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22. Lincoln Adim

Lincoln Adim

Lincoln Adim | Lincoln via Instagram

  • Adim has posted a lot of fitness pictures on Instagram.

Instagram: @linkin_

Twitter: Lincoln_LikeAbe

Adim was the first man to meet Kufrin on After the Final Rose. Lately, he has been sharing pictures from his time on the show. But before that, he posted a lot of pictures showing himself being out and active.

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23. Mike Renner

  • Love dogs? Then you’ll love Mike Renner’s Instagram.

Instagram: @dudethisisthebest

Twitter: @PFF_Mike

The other long-haired contestant of the season has a lot of pictures of his dog on Instagram. He often posts about sports, given he talks about it for a living.

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24. Nick Spetsas

  • The lawyer looks like he’s having fun on his Instagram page.

Instagram: @nickspetsas

Twitter: @NickSpetsas

The lawyer really loves posing in suits and with his friends. It looks like he’s fairly new to Instagram or just doesn’t post often.

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25. Rickey Jasper

  • Rickey Jasper has an interesting hashtag on his account.

Instagram: @rickeylaneii

Twitter: @rickeylaneii

The bodybuilder also has an apparel company, so he’s often showing off his physique and apparel online. He also posted a few rants on his Instagram page with the hashtag #RickeyRants.

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26. Ryan Peterson

Ryan Peterson and Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette

Ryan Peterson and Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette | ABC

  • You can hear more of his music on Instagram.

Instagram: @ogrp

You might remember the bluegrass banjo player from After the Final Rose. You can find him in more colorful shirts and playing instruments online. It also looks like he’s really into sailing.

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27. Trent Jespersen

  • The model has a lot of photos on Instagram.

Instagram: @trentjespersen

The model has been posting his photos on Instagram and even a cover of him modeling for a romance book. He doesn’t seem to have a Twitter account.

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28. Wills Reid

Wills Reid

Wills Reid | ABC

This contestant is actually the only who seems to be entirely absent from social media. It looks like he deactivated both h Instagram and Twitter accounts.is

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