‘The Bachelorette’ Stars Who Had the Worst Hometown Visits to Date

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen on The Bachelorette

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen on The Bachelorette | ABC/Paul Hebert

The Bachelorette may be categorized as a reality show, but real-life couples who watch know that the dating scenarios in the show are seldom like reality. How often do real-world daters go on “two on one dates,” hand out roses to show their affection, and find themselves on a second date in the Bahamas? How many people, save the bachelors and bachelorettes, have met their potential partner’s parents after spending less than 50 hours alone with them?

That’s what makes the hometown date episode of each season so intriguing. Willing family members agree to be filmed while their son or daughter brings home a person they claim they’re falling in love with. This is the first and only time the family members will meet this significant other before they either break their kid’s heart or get engaged.

Naturally, some of these dates go awry. And as far as reality television is concerned, if there is real drama to film, the producers of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will be sure they get it on camera. These Bachelorette stars encountered some issues when they went to visit one of their four contestant’s families …and each meeting led to their elimination.

Dean Unglert

Dean Unglert is hugging Rachel Lindsay in front of a blimp.

Dean Unglert and Rachel Lindsay | ABC

The season 13 Bachelorette contestant brought Rachel Lindsay home to Los Angeles to meet his family. What made it an uncomfortable moment for both Unglert and Lindsay was that his family situation was strained following his mother’s death years before.

Unglert hadn’t spoken to his father in two years at the time of the hometown date. He said his father became “eccentric” following his mother’s death (he stopped responding to his name “Chip Unglert” and went by Paramroop S. Khahsha) and emotionally abandoned his son.

Rather than suggest they skip the hometown date after Unglert expressed his concerns, Lindsay encouraged he sort out his issues with his father on the visit. The segment ended with a bewildered bachelorette and two unhappy Unglert men. Lindsay sent Dean home at the end of the episode.

Kirk Dewindt

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Kirk Dewindt attends the “Bachelor In Paradise” Returns To Mexico For Season 2 Premiere Part | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities

Ali Fedotowsky, the sixth bachelorette, easily won over the hearts of both of Kirk Dewindt’s parents. However, one of Dewindt’s parents had a unique hobby that threw her for a loop — taxidermy. Kirk’s dad eagerly showed Fedotowsky his basement of stuffed animal heads.

The episode concluded with Fedotowsky sending Dewindt home. While we don’t know how much of a role his father’s passion played, Dewindt admitted he was blindsided. “I really, really, really didn’t see this coming. I’ve never really had my heart broken before,” he said.

Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood | Jesse Grant/Getty Images

As Becca Kufrin searches for love following her heartbreak on last season’s The Bachelor, she has struggled with narrowing down her pick of “incredible guys,” as she constantly calls them. Colton Underwood was no exception. The professional football player turned charity starter was a front-runner since day one, but his candid hometown visit (combined with some interesting guest appearances) soiled his chances of moving forward.

Kufrin traveled to Colorado for the final hometown date to meet Underwood’s families. She admitted she was “nervous for this one” because Underwood hasn’t seriously dated in the past. In fact, the first woman he ever brought home to meet his family was Kufrin.

The Underwood family kept this important fact in mind when meeting Becca. Colton’s father even told Kufrin he didn’t want her to choose his son if she didn’t think it’d work out long-term. “Better to have someone hurt now than down the road,” he explained.

After the final hometown date, Kufrin welcomed her closest friends from the previous season of The Bachelor to help her narrow down the decision. Her friend Tia, who had gone on one date with Colton, told Kufrin the thought of her ending up with Colton made her sick. Kufrin inevitably sent Colton home, telling him that she just didn’t think he was ready for marriage.

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