‘The Bachelorette’: This Could Be Hannah Brown’s Net Worth After Her Season

Hannah Brown might have been let down by Colton Underwood on his season of The Bachelor, but that’s not going to stop our girl from going out and finding love. With her own season of The Bachelorette well under way, Hannah B. is on the hunt. Will Brown find love? And more importantly, can she afford to be on the show? We’ve learned in the past that starring on The Bachelorette is a very costly experience. So what’s Brown’s possible net worth?

Hannah Brown’s career in pageantry

Brown has a long history in the U.S. pageantry circuit. She began her pageantry career at 15, according to Pop Sugar. Apparently, the main goal for Brown was to find scholarships — something that speaks to Brown’s hardworking nature.

The Alabama News Center reports that pageantry is part of what helped Brown become who she is today. “My family has seen me grow significantly because of being in pageantry. It has really amplified me as a person,” explained Brown. “I have been able to talk to really anybody from all aspects of life. …it has given me a lot of confidence in times when there is both positive and negative light shed on me.”

Brown’s history in pageantry actually collided with some of her competition on The Bachelor. As it happens, Brown and contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes competed against each other in the 2018 Miss USA Pageant. According to Heavy, “The two had a strained history after living as roommates during the national pageant, which proved to be a major source of drama on the show. Caelynn was first runner-up in the Miss USA competition; Brown did not earn a spot as a finalist.”

Brown’s work as an interior designer

Interior design company Gracefully Done hired Hannah Brown in 2017. Her bio on the company website reads, “Hannah joined Gracefully Done in spring of 2017. A local of Northport, Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama, Hannah enjoys seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends who shop in our store. As a designer, Hannah brings new, fresh ideas to the team. She likes combining different styles to create spaces that are equally beautiful and comfortable for her clients. Hannah’s focus as a designer is to ensure she encompasses her clients’ vision of their space into an awe-inspiring reality.”

Not only is our leading lady an interior designer, but she also freelances as a makeup artist, per her LinkedIn profile. However, it seems as if Brown didn’t have much time in the professional world before she was scooped up for her reality television appearances on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown’s potential net worth

Naturally, some of Brown’s net worth will come from her time on reality television. But what does that mean for Brown?

Amy Kaufman revealed in her book Bachelor Nation that ABC has previously paid The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stars salaries that equate to what they might earn in a year at their typical jobs. However, Kaufman goes on to reveal that it’s uncommon for contestants to earn less than $100,000 these days, regardless of what their typical income might be.  

Beyond that, contestants are often approached with sponsorship deals for promotional posts on Instagram and other such platforms, so it’s likely that we’ll see Brown earning additional income from those sources. Typically these posts are worth around $1,000 to $10,000 per post, depending on the promotional deal.

All of this considered it’s more than likely we’ll see Hannah Brown’s net worth skyrocketing into the six-figure range, probably well past $100,000 after her appearances on both shows.