‘The Bachelorette’: This Is Where You Can Buy Becca Kufrin’s Gold Dress

One of the great things about watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is the fashion. Many of the ladies bring their best with gowns to wear on their extravagant dates and rose ceremonies. However, most fans probably don’t know the preparation behind these looks.

The show doesn’t pay for gowns, so contestants have to buy their own wardrobe. According to Fashionista, producers also have to then approve of outfits — in case some of them don’t work well on camera or to avoid two women wearing the same dress. The show also has a stylist named Cary Fetman who helps approve the outfits, and on special dates, she actually styles the women.

The good thing about this means a lot of the clothes we see the ladies wearing reflects their own personal style. Becca Kufrin wore many gowns on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But where are most of her dresses coming from? We decided to find out.

Here are seven things to know, including where to find six of Becca Kufrin’s dresses she has worn on television — particularly the famous gold dress she wore on After the Final Rose.

1. Becca Kufrin wore a halter Randi Rahm for her first night of The Bachelorette

Rebecca Kufrin in her white dress.

Rebecca Kufrin looked stunning in this dress. | Chris Harrison via Instagram

The reality star started off her season in white which isn’t totally surprising. The designer of the halter dress is from Randi Rahmn. The show’s stylist, Fetman, talked about this look.

“It was white like Rachel [Lindsay’s night one dress] but that’s where the similarities stop,” Fetman told ET. “This was all individually sewn pearls and flat white sequin mixed with Swarovski crystals. Also, my favorite new length; just below ankle when you don’t want a full!”

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2. Kufrin’s Tom Ford ad gown

Rebecca Kufrin posing with one hand on her hip.

This luxurious gown was made for her. | Chris Harrison via Instagram

Becca Kufrin teased her season in a sparkly Tom Ford dress in an ad. The one shoulder sequin dress is more on the pricey side, costing $5,990.

According to the website, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams and Martha Hunt also love the dress.

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3. Kufrin’s Peru maxi dress

Rebecca Kufrin posing in a white lace gown.

She looked like a dream in this white number. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

The contestant wore a long white dress when Luyendyk Jr. had to choose between her, Lauren Burnham, and Kendall Long in Peru. It’s the Jane Maxi Dress from Winona Australia, and it’s currently on sale for $149.95 AUD.

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4. Kufrin’s finale dress on The Bachelor

Rebecca being interviewed in her white, lace dress.

This color really flatters her. | Rebecca_Kufrin via Instagram

The bachelorette wore a short lacey white dress for the finale of the show. It came from Randi Rahm Spring 2017’s collection.

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5. Kufrin’s gold dress from After the Final Rose is from Donna Mizani

Rebecca Kufrin smiling in her gold dress.

The dress that put her right on the fashion map. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

Kufrin’s actual gold dress from the After the Final Rose is from Donna Mizani. The name of it is the Leona and it’s actually pretty affordable and currently on sale for $167.00.

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6. Her final dress on The Bachelor is from Olvi’s

Rebecca Kufrin during the proposal.

This dress was perfect for the special occasion. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

The bachelorette’s final dress was a floor-length gown with black lace. It’s from Olvi’s, and although the dress had a black overlay, there is a white option where it definitely passes as a wedding gown.

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7. Designer Olga Yermoloff talks about the Olvi dress

Rebecca looking at a note while sitting on a couch with Arie.

Even the designers gave their seal of approval. | Rebecca Kufrin via Instagram

The Olvi designer gave a statement about the reality star wearing the dress during Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s proposal. “We are so delighted to have Becca in our design for this magical day. She has shown poise and grace throughout the season and truly embodies the Olvi’s persona,” Olga Yermoloff told Life & Style.

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