‘The Bachelorette’: Will Tyler C. Surpass Hannah B. In Popularity?

Season 15 of The Bachelorette was definitely one for the books. The youngest bachelorette of all time, Hannah Brown, was funny, feisty, outspoken and just plain weird and we loved every second of it. Though Brown’s season sure didn’t end up the way anyone expected, that hasn’t stopped anyone from showing their love and support for the 24-year-old. But there’s one person who Bachelor Nation seems to obsess over even more than the bachelorette and that person is runner-up, Tyler C.

Hannah Brown and Tyler C. | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah B. and Tyler C. | John Fleenor via Getty Images

The finale fallout

Bachelor Nation has been enthralled with Tyler C. for weeks now. Calling him the perfect southern gentleman, fans are completely enamored with charm, physique, and kindness. People love the respect that Tyler C. showed Brown throughout the duration of the show. Furthermore, the grace and humility he displayed when Brown chose Wyatt over him pushed Bachelor Nation into full-blown standom. Of, course, that obsession reached a peak after the winner (Jed Wyatt) tuned out to be a cheater and Brown broke off her engagement with him.

A huge Instagram following

Despite Brown having a non-traditional season, fans really seem to resonate with her storyline and admire how she handled herself throughout the show. This support directly translates to her social media following. On Instagram, Brown is now the second most followed person in the entire bachelor franchise. She comes in second behind fan-favorite, JoJo Fletcher, who boasts 2.2 million followers. Since her finale aired Brown has racked up an additional 700,000 followers on the platform putting her follower count at a whopping 2.1 million. But there’s one person who’s pretty close behind the bachelorette and that person is Tyler C.

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The most popular man in the Bachelor Franchise

Since After The Final Rose aired, Tyler C. has seen a huge boost to his Instagram following as well. The 26-year-old currently has 1.9 million followers, which is unheard of for someone who was only a contestant on the show. For reference, we can compare his numbers to men who have been the bachelor and have been a part of the franchise for a number of years. Ben Higgins, for example, has 1.3 million followers, while Nick Viall has 1.1 million followers. Tyler C.’s numbers will likely continue to grow if he chooses to continue making appearances within the franchise and his popularity could even surpass Brown’s in the near future.

Will Tyler C. Be The Next Bachelor

With his incredible following, Tyler C. seems like the obvious choice for the next bachelor, right? Well, not necessarily. The producers of the show have managed to subvert expectations a number of times with their choice of a lead. Brown herself was an unpopular choice originally, and who could forget the sheer disaster that was Arie Luyendyk’s season? It’s not always about who is the most popular person, but who will make for the best TV and help them maintain, or ideally increase, their ratings. But there’s another reason that Tyler C. might not be the next bachelor and that reason is Brown herself.

Are Hannah Brown and Tyler C. dating

Who could forget when Brown asked Tyler C. out for a drink following her season finale? Bachelor Nation could barely contain their excitement when Tyler C. accepted. Well, it seems that, less than a week later, that drink happened and a whole lot more. Brown invited the Jupiter native to her house for evening drinks and he was seen leaving her place the next morning. The two have been very supportive of one another on this journey, so who knows what their future holds. Whether Tyler C. is the next bachelor or if he’s already found forever love with Hannah Brown, we wish him all the best in his journey.