‘The Bachelorette’: Tyler C.’s Best Friend Threw Shade At Hannah Brown On Instagram

Hannah Brown might have given her final rose to Jed Wyatt, but now that their engagement’s off she’s looking to reconnect with her runner-up, Tyler Cameron. At the end of the two-part Bachelorette season finale, Brown asked Cameron out for a drink. He, of course, said he’d love to. 

Hannah B. and Tyler C. | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah B. and Tyler C. | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Fans had mixed feelings about the proposal. 

Some fans think Cameron deserves to be someone’s first choice. 

“I’m annoyed with how the Bachelorette ended and to be honest I hope Tyler doesn’t go get that drink…. remember you were the second choice,” tweeted one fan. 

“ok do not get me wrong i’m totally rooting for hannah b and tyler c.. but if i were tyler when hannah asked him to grab a drink sometime i would’ve been like HA girl you THOUGHT i’d be your second choice after that no talent douche canoe jed lied to ya BUHbye,” wrote another.

And some fans are overwhelmed with excitement that Brown and Cameron are meeting for a drink. 

“I watched all of Hannah B’s season. Was rooting for Tyler C the whole time. Hated Luke P & could NOT STAND Jed whatsoever. I truly hope that Hannah and Tyler C’s drink date goes well and all of America’s hearts will be full. I’m rooting for you two beautiful humans,” tweeted one fan. 

“Omg the sexual tension between Hannah and Tyler is WILD. Please get that drink together omg,” tweeted another.  

“HANNAH B AND TYLER ARE GONNA TAKE THINGS SLOW STARTING WITH A DRINK all is right in the bachelorette world tonight,” wrote another. 

Tyler C.’s friend, Matt James, is skeptical of Hannah Brown

As it turns out, one of Cameron’s best buddies, Matt James, is in the first camp. According to Refinery 29, James is a real estate agent and Lululemon ambassador. He’s been enthusiastically rooting on Cameron all season. When Brown dumped Cameron for Wyatt, James, obviously, felt a little sore for his friend.  

So when Brown asked Cameron out for a drink at the end of The Bachelorette season finale, James took to his Instagram stories to show his disapproval. He posted a variety of memes along with statements like “Helll nawllll,” “Mannn She better be buying!!” “So you’re telling me that… Nahhh!” “We all good! ..Preciate it tho!!” and “THOUGHT WE WERE DONE!?”  

Tyler C. is looking forward to catching up with Hannah B. 

It’s clear James is skeptical of his friend getting a drink with Brown, but Cameron says he’s looking forward to catching up with the former Bachelorette. 

“I’ll be just excited to spend time with her and catch up. We haven’t really talked or seen each other since we broke up, so it will be interesting to have that time, without any pressure, and just enjoy it. That’s what I’m most looking forward to,” Cameron recently said in an interview with Glamour about his upcoming drink with Brown. 

If all goes well, here’s hoping James comes around. 

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