‘The Bachelorette’: Was Hannah Brown Talking to Jed Wyatt’s Girlfriend in This Instagram Post?

Jed Wyatt is really hanging on by a thread.

When he initially came onto The Bachelorette with a guitar in hand, fans were immediately wary that he had just come on to the show to promote his music career. But for some reason, be it his sweet smile or his kind demeanor, audiences forgave him and moved on.

Even when he actually admitted that he came on the show to further his music career, fans still didn’t give up on Wyatt.

“Music is my passion,” he told Brown on the show. “I want it more than anything in this world.”

“When I signed up for the show, I was skeptical… my first thought was, ‘This is a huge platform,'” he said. “I came in with that mindset.”

But he claimed that his intentions had changed since getting closer to Brown and she forgave him.

“When a guy walks in with a guitar, they’re notorious for… you’re always [suspicious] of something,” she told Entertainment Tonight at this year’s CMA Fest. “But all I’ve wanted is someone to be honest and real with me, and he was that. And so, he did exactly what I asked for him to do. I admired that.”

But, now Wyatt has been accused of having a girlfriend when he came on the show and this may be the final unforgivable straw.

What is Wyatt’s girlfriend saying?

According to Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, she and Wyatt dated for four months up until he left to begin filming The Bachelorette.

A few weeks into their relationship, Wyatt told her that he was in the casting process for the show.

“He came forward, basically said, ‘I’ve been talking to my mom about this, I just don’t think there’s any way we can go forward,'” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I kind of see where this is going, and I don’t feel right not giving you the chance to walk away. I have to be upfront about it.'”

Wyatt told her that he was just going on the show to promote his music and allegedly implied that they would pick things up when he got back.

“Someone told me they love me, this is what’s best for them, I trusted in that,” Stevens told the outlet. “I could never have known that this is what the situation would be. I could never have known that feelings would be involved or hearts would be broken. I know that this story is hurtful to [Hannah Brown], and she’s feeling what I have felt, and that is not an easy thing to do or know that I’ve done. None of it’s easy. So many people are tied up in this.”

Was Brown calling Stevens out on Instagram?

A few days ago, Brown posted a cute picture of her throwing a baseball at Dodger Stadium. She captioned the photo, “throwing out pitches, snitches.”

Fans immediately thought that she was calling out Stevens for talking to the media about Wyatt.

“By snitches, she means Jed’s ex-girlfriend,” one user commented.

Some fans defended Stevens.

“Girl, she ain’t a snitch,” another fan wrote. “You’re delusional for staying with someone that has lied to your face since the very first night at the mansion.”

The comments got so bad that Brown eventually updated her caption to clarify what she was talking about.

“Edit, y’all calm down, I was just trying to rhyme,” she added. “I hear you, I’ll take rapper off the resume.”