‘The Bachelorette’: What is Hannah B’s Zodiac Sign and Who Should She End up With?

Watch out world, Alabama Hannah is looking for love. If you’ve been keeping up with what’s going on in Bachelor Nation, then you know that Hannah Brown is currently filming The Bachelorette.

We haven’t gotten much news from the mansion about what is going on inside. While that means that this season should be interesting and full of surprises, it’s hard for some of us to wait and see how things play out.

What is Brown looking for in a man?

Brown’s journey to find love won’t air until May, but she already knows exactly what she’s looking for.

“Oh man, they gotta be good lookin’ heeey,” she joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “But just a good human. Good heart, kind, strong, but, ultimately, I want at the end of this to know that they know me, and know every part of me, and not just some version of myself that I like packaged together and was like ‘do you like this?’ and I think I’ve done that in the past, but the good and the bad and I want that in return.”

We were recently introduced to the men who are vying for the former beauty queen’s heart, but it’s hard to tell if any of them are what Brown is looking for just from their pictures and limited bios. To really know who is a match, we need to look at their astrological signs.

What astrological sign is Brown?

Brown was born on Sep. 24, 1994. That makes her a Libra.

According to Horoscope.com, Libras are known for being intelligent and having a good heart. These people are always putting others before themselves. The symbol for Libras is a scale which means that these people value harmony and equality.

The sign is ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty. This causes Libras to like living lives that look good. Libras tend to love people and are always happy in groups.

Doesn’t that sound like Brown?

If we get more specific and look at the characteristics of people born on Sep. 24th, it sounds even more like our newest Bachelorette.

People born on this day are inexperienced in their autumn role, which means they aren’t sure what to do with the tact and tenderness they were born with, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs. Some people born on this day feel like their goal in relating to others is to keep their heads above water. This eases over time as the Libra gets stronger.

What signs should Brown go for?

There are three signs that work well with Libras; Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Libras and Aquariuses both love socializing and being around people. When these signs are together, they have a vibrant social life. They like to pursue things together and share ideas with one another. The Libras diplomacy and ability to see multiple sides of a situation helps balance the Aquarius’ stubborn nature.

When Sagittariuses get together with Libras, there is never a dull moment. The Libra connects with the Sagittarius’ adventure-loving side and the Libra is drawn to the intellect of Sagittarius.

Geminis are the best match for Libras. They fit together intellectually, sexually, and socially. Neither of these signs is jealous and are very compassionate.

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