‘The Bachelorette’: What Was Hannah Brown’s Job Before Joining the Show?

It’s that dark time of year where there are no Bachelor shows to watch. Colton Underwood’s season already came to an end and we still have a few weeks to go before we can watch Hannah Brown’s journey to find everlasting love. While this time of year may be bleak for most of Bachelor Nation, it’s a great time to get to know our next lead, Brown.

We got to learn a little bit about Brown during Underwood’s season, but the former beauty queen had trouble dropping her guard in front of him, which made it hard to get a feel for who she really is. So, who is Brown and what was she doing before The Bachelor?

What was Hannah Brown’s job?

The women from Underwood’s season came from a number of professional backgrounds. Before coming on the show, Brown worked as an interior decorator at a company called Gracefully Done. She only worked there for a little over a year before moving into the Bachelor mansion to win Underwood’s heart.

Though she was only there for a short time, she loved her job.

“I love making my customers’ dream homes a reality,” she told the Tuscaloosa News in 2018.

Where did Hannah Brown go to school?

As anyone who has heard Brown speak for even a second knows, Brown went to The University of Alabama. She graduated magna cum laude from the school in 2017 with a degree in communications. While there, she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

Brown’s pageant life

Brown has been doing pageants since she was 15. She initially started participating in pageants in order to get scholarships, but later began to fall in love with it.

“My family has seen me grow significantly because of being in pageantry,” she told Yellowhammer News last year. “It has really amplified me as a person. I have been able to talk to really anybody from all aspects of life.”

Though she feels like she has grown from pageants, life in the spotlight hasn’t always been easy for Brown. When she first entered the Miss Alabama circuit, she didn’t make it to the top 15 for four years in a row.

“It was kind of discouraging,” she said of the time. “People always have an opinion about what you do, what you say, how you walk, how you dress. I took the wrong outlook on what pageantry should be – I thought my self-worth was through recognition.”

The constant judgement eventually led Brown to struggle with depression.

In that moment, it is so hard to see joy in life,” she recalled. “I can remember times where I didn’t want to get up.”

Since then, she has started a school program where she shares her story in order to help others who are struggling with their mental health.

“It is not always a walk in the park to be a human on this earth,” Brown continued. “We all have struggles. To say every day is easy, it’s not… But to be able to talk about that, and to be able to be honest about that is the best way to be able to solve this issue.”

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