‘The Bachelorette’: Which Guys Are Supporting Hannah Brown After Luke Parker’s Twitter Diss?

Luke Parker has been a controversial contestant throughout the season of The Bachelorette. Things came to a boiling point before Hannah Brown sent him home a second time.

Parker had more to say about her on Twitter. Which guys are supporting her? Here are the guys who had her back.

Hannah Brown sent Luke Parker home after he shamed her for having sex

Hannah Brown and Luke Parker on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images

Brown and Parker were still going strong on the show, but things took a turn during Fantasy Suites. That’s because Parker didn’t want her to have sex with anyone else.

“Like if you told me you’re going to have sex or you had sex with one or multiple of these guys I would be wanting to go home 100 percent,” Parker said to her over dinner. Brown revealed she has had sex with someone else. She also revealed her problems with what Parker said.

“And honestly, like I’m like kind of mad because like the way that you just said that is like, why do you have the right to do that? Because you’re not my husband and you’re not … it’s just that you’re questioning me and you’re judging me and feel like you have the right to when you don’t at this point,” said the beauty queen. “And I get when you care for somebody that you don’t want to think about somebody being intimate with another person. But guess what, sex might be a sin out of marriage, pride is a sin, too, and I feel like this is a pride thing.”

She sent him home, which shocked Parker. He had more to say about the situation on Twitter.

Parker accused Brown of laughing at her sin

Everything started with Parker tweeting at Brown during the episode. He tweeted, “@AlabamaHannah The difference in how we view sin is seen in the response, I’m weeping at mine and you’re laughing at yours. All sin stings. My heart hurts for both of us.”

She replied with “@luke_parker777 time and time again jesus loved and ate with “sinners” who laughed. and time and time again he rebuked “saints” that judged. where do you fall Luke? #TheBachelorette.”

Parker then tweeted, “@AlabamaHannah There is a difference between eating with sinners who laugh and sinners who laugh at their sin. Sin is the very thing that put Jesus on the cross and that’s not a laughing matter.”

She wrote, “i have never said that i find my sin funny. i’m not going to lectured on appropriate emotional responses by a guy who threw deli meat in a guys lap.” The exchange ended with Parker writing, “Your tweets about the windmill and the wood were enough, it’s not about the action it’s about the response. If you want to talk about it, you know how to get ahold of me.”

Tyler C, Garrett, and Dylan supported her

The other men tried to get Brown to be aware of Parker’s behavior throughout the season. They had her back on Twitter during the exchange. Tyler Cameron, Garrett Powell, and Dylan Barbour all had something to say in support of Brown.


Another person who had Brown’s back is Nick Viall, who was the star of Season 21 of The Bachelor. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of Parker’s shower story.

The drama between Parker and Brown isn’t over yet. He was seen in the preview of the next episode trying to crash the rose ceremony. Fans will have to wait and see how that ends.