‘The Bachelorette’: Which One of Hannah B’s Contestants Fathered Over 100 Children?

The men on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette aren’t getting the best rep. First, a promo video was released that showed Brown confronting one of the men about possibly having a girlfriend, then it was announced that three men were cut from the running before filming even began.

All of this and the season hasn’t even started yet.

But possibly the most shocking news that has come out of this upcoming set of men is the fact that one of them apparently fathered over 100 children!

Which contestant is the father?

On Tuesday, ABC released updated bios of the 30 men competing for Brown’s heart. And one contestant had a bio that was… a little iffy.

According to his bio, Matteo Valles is a sperm donor who has fathered over 114 children.

While it seems like fathering that many children would take up the majority of your time, Valles actually also found time to receive a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech.

What do we know about Valles?


Valles is a 25-year-old from Atlanta, Ga. He’s also a world traveler, having been to a number of countries, such as Austria and Kenya, before his family moved to Atlanta.

Is Valles what Brown is looking for?

Brown is looking for the love of her life. She has made that clear from the very start.

“I would love to have that opportunity to meet somebody. That’s the desire of my heart – to be married and to have a family,” she told Us Weekly before she was announced as the Bachelorette. “I think that can happen on a television show or at a coffee shop and it’s going to happen for me someday. I’m not going to keep putting a timeline on it, but it’s gonna be somebody who chooses me and I’m gonna choose them back too.”

Since beginning her Bachelorette journey, Brown has become more clear on what she is looking for.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she said that she wanted someone who had a good heart and was kind and strong.

“But, ultimately, I want at the end of this to know that they know me and know every part of me, not just some version of myself that I packaged together and was like, ‘Do you like this?’ I think I’ve done that in the past, the good and the bad, and I want that in return,” she said.

Concerns about Brown’s season

With so many weird stories coming out about the men on her season, people are starting to wonder if Brown will even find the love that she is looking for.

Host Chris Harrison, is one of those people.

“There is a guy not there for the right reasons, then there are the guys that just rub everyone the wrong way, that everyone loves to hate,” Harrison recently told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s just stuff she has to deal with constantly, and every time we think we’re over it, it rears its ugly head and she has to get back in.”

“It really got to the point where honestly, it started taking away from her being the Bachelorette. It took away from the entire season and the chance for her to find love, and it may cause her not to find love at the end of this.”

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday May 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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