‘The Bachelorette’: Why Chris Harrison Is More Excited to Watch This Season Than Any Other

Season 16 of The Bachelorette is right around the corner and we already know that this season is actually going to be different than any of the others. Though the franchise has yet to officially confirm that Bachelorette Clare Crawley will be replaced with Tayshia Adams, all sources and signs are pointing that way, which will make this an unprecedented season.

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Switching Clare Crawley out for Tayshia Adams

Just as Crawley was getting ready to head to the Bachelor mansion to begin filming, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began wreaking havoc on the world and brought filming to a halt. During the delay, Crawley was able to talk to one of her potential suitors.

“One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they began talking,” a source told People. “By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. No one else stood a chance. It just became so obvious from her subsequent few dates that her heart wasn’t in it and she just wasn’t feeling it. Then she said she wanted out.”

Production then brought Adams in to begin quarantining and take over for the rest of the season.

Chris Harrison is ready for this season of ‘The Bachelorette’

This season of The Bachelorette has been a long time coming and it isn’t just the fans who are ready to watch things play out.

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“I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited to watch a show back with Bachelor Nation than I am this season with Clare because I always know what happens — I’m there, but this season felt so extraordinarily different. It’s so intense. It’s so emotional,” Harrison told HollywoodLife. “We were all so ready to be there. Clare was so excited, she had been waiting for months to do this. The guys were really chomping at the bit, and I think we were all craving just the intimacy and emotion that we got to finally explore.”

Clare Crawley is different from any other Bachelorette

A season of the show can only be as good as the lead. Sometimes, the show will cast a lead who isn’t as emotionally available as the show would like them to be, which makes for a pretty boring season. But that is definitely not what happened with Crawley.

“You never have to ask the question, ‘What’s Claire thinking?’ She expresses herself, you know where she stands, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. For me as a producer and as a host, it was easy to work with her because I’ve known her for six years, I know what her emotional buttons are,” Harrison told the outlet.

From the beginning, Crawley was serious about finding love.

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“She’s a very strong woman,” he continued. “She knows what she wants. She’s ready for it now. She wasn’t here for the pageantry in the pomp and circumstance, she was here to find the love of her life. And nothing was going to stop her from doing that.”

While Harrison didn’t directly mention Adams or the casting switch, he did say that the super teaser that will air at the end of the premiere will “blow your mind.”