‘The Bachelorette’: Why Did Hannah B. Go To The Hospital?

Hannah Brown starred in another wild episode of The Bachelorette last night. In a dramatic turn of events, Hannah B. couldn’t go on one of her one-on-ones because she had to be rushed to the hospital.

Hannah B. on a group date | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah B. on a group date | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Why did Hannah Brown have to go to the hospital?

Hannah B. never explicitly says her official diagnosis during the episode, but we know that whatever she had wasn’t contagious (she was sure to tell Connor S. this bit of information so he wouldn’t be hesitant to kiss her). She told him that she woke up and “just basically passed out.”

We saw a shot of her in the hospital getting fluids and resting, and she definitely looks out for the count. We also know that the doctor ordered her to rest (because she kicks Connor S. out so she can nap). We’re not entirely sure what Hannah B. was suffering from, but it could have been something like exhaustion. Being The Bachelorette is busy work. There’s a lot of drinking and not a lot of sleeping involved. Plus, contestants and the show’s star alike are completely off their normal routines. Feeling sick and exhausted isn’t a totally uncommon thing for those involved in the Bachelor franchise.

Hannah Brown’s one-on-one with Connor S.  

Just because Hannah B. was feeling out of commission doesn’t mean she gets to totally skip out on her Bachelorette duties we guess! After being hospitalized and having to cancel her real one-on-one date, Hannah B. sends Connor S. a note letting him know she isn’t feeling well but that she’d still like for him to come visit her in her hotel room (we wonder how much of this was her idea).

Connor S. gladly comes (with chicken noodle soup and flowers in hand) and the two spend their time cuddling and talking.

“What I’m excited about is to kind of comfort her and make her feel better,” he told the camera. “I want to be there for each other through the ups and downs, and this is kind of a down moment for her. Hopefully, I can make her feel better.”

Connor S. opens up about his own family’s struggle with illness and how he’d like a partner both in sickness and in health.

After Hannah B. kicks him out (without a rose), Connor S. leaves notes around the room detailing different things he likes about her.

When he gets back to the mansion, he disappointedly tells the other men he didn’t get a rose during his visit.   

“That was the unfortunate thing, but that’s her decision, and I have to trust that,” he told the other contestants.

This news greatly pleased Luke P., who became increasingly unhinged during the course of this episode.

“I love Connor,” he told the camera. “I think he’s a great dude, and he’s gonna marry an awesome woman one day. But not Hannah. Honestly, I think he’s already out of the picture.”

But Hannah B. was able to rally and invite Connor S. to the second part of their date. He arrived to see Hannah B. awaiting him with his rose. The two then danced the night away to a private concert from Lukas Graham.

“Today was not what was planned, but it’s not always the high times but the low times too,” Hannah B. told Connor S. “Today you made me feel so special.”

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