‘The Bachelorette’: Why Did Luke Parker Leave Half Way Through the ‘Men Tell All’ Special?

“The Men Tell All” special is the time when fans get answers. Anything that seemed fishy throughout the season gets brought up on this special episode of The Bachelorette.

This year, fans really just wanted to know one thing. What did Luke Parker have to say for himself? From very early on in the show, Parker went from being a genuine front-runner for Hannah Brown’s heart to a guy who was manipulative, controlling, and liked to shame her for her choices.

Parker’s time on the show came to a head when he told Brown that the marriage bed should be kept pure and that if she had had sex with any of the other men, he wanted to go home.

Brown, who had had sex on the show, was extremely offended and sent Parker home.

She, later, had to send him home again when he showed back up, ready to propose to her.

What did Parker have to say for himself?

When Parker showed up to “The Men Tell All” taping, he needed to explain himself and why he acted the way he did.

“You look back at hometowns and she told my whole Sunday school group that sex in the fantasy suites wasn’t going to be something she was going to do,” he said while in the hot seat. “Even before that conversation at dinner in Greece, I explained what my desires were with sex and fantasy suites and she agreed and she said she was in the same boat and she shared the same desires to abstain from sex before marriage. So I was blindsided by the whole thing.”

“I didn’t expect her reaction,” he continued. “Like I said, I’m not going to ever judge her for anything that she does, and I was never judging her. I was making a decision for myself of what I wanted and something that I’ve been seeking. That is what I proved showing back up to fight for Hannah. The only reason I went back was to show Hannah something that I shared with her from day one — I’m always going to fight for her.”

What did the other men have to say?

Though Parker did eventually apologize to Brown, the rest of the men weren’t having it.

Devin Harris even interrupted Parker’s apology.

“There are two types of men,” Harris said. “There are men that want an independent, strong woman. And there are men that want a woman that they can control. I feel right now that you are the man that wants to control a woman so that you can feel better about yourself.”

Fan favorite, Mike Johnson, also had a few words for Parker.

“I’m going to be honest,” Johnson said. “I feel that Luke hasn’t learned a thing whatsoever. I think that you are a narcissistic, cantankerous misogynist. I think that you are beyond cocky to the point to where you don’t care what no one else says. I feel that you were not fighting for her. … You were fighting over her. I think that your future wife is going to be a prisoner with you if you don’t know how to change.”

Why did Parker leave early?

Though Parker was the topic of conversation for much of the beginning of the episode, he was noticeably absent by the end.

Apparently, he left to go back to Gainesville, Ga.

“Caught a red eye flight from LAX because I wasn’t going to miss this guys wedding for the world,” he captioned a photo of him and two friends on Instagram the next day.