‘The Bachelorette’: Why Did Luke S. Leave?

After the previous episode of The Bachelorette left us on a cliffhanger and no rose ceremony, we picked up right where we left off on last night’s episode: the battle of the Lukes. Hannah Brown was all of us as she listened to Luke P. and Luke S. bicker in circles about who said and did what. She got up, annoyed, and walked out of the room to start the rose ceremony early.

Just as the party was about to get started, Luke S. asked if he could talk to Hannah B. for a brief moment. She didn’t seem thrilled, but obliged. On that reaction alone, Luke S. probably knew his fate had been sealed and he was headed home.

Luke S. | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images
Luke S. | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

He doesn’t explicitly explain why he’s leaving but he does say: “It’s just been hard for me to defend my character time and time again. I would just urge you to keep your eyes open for—I think you know who I’m talking about…just be wary.” And with that, he walked down the stairs and left.

Earlier in the evening, Luke S. had told the camera: “[Luke P. has] managed to make me look really, really bad” and “It’s just crazy how quickly things changed for the worst.”

Why did Luke S. go home?

It seems like Luke S. decided to leave for a couple of reasons. 1) He had a feeling he was going to get sent home. Hannah B. has had a strong connection with Luke P. since the beginning of the show, despite his repeat problematic behavior. She didn’t have much of a connection with Luke S. He decided to leave on his own terms. 2) If Hannah B. did keep both of the Lukes around, Luke S. probably didn’t want to deal with the drama. It seems he’s had enough of Luke P. for a lifetime and he couldn’t take another day.

Hannah B. didn’t try to convince Luke S. to stay (and if she did we didn’t see it), and when she returned to the rose ceremony she told the men: “I don’t want anybody here who doesn’t want to be here.”     

Fans are supportive of Luke S.’s decision to leave

Last night, Luke S. posted this photo to his Instagram:

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He seems to be doing just fine. The comments on the photo are flooded with supportive fans.

“go AWF luke s u stayed true to yourself the entire time. You did the right thing taking yourself out of that situation,” writes one Instagram user.

“Luke I was rooting for you, but you did what was best for you at the end of the day that’s all we could ask of you,” comments another.

“so honorable of you! happy you’re able to pull yourself out instead of dragging random drama into things,” writes another fan.

“Sad you left but proud you took yourself out of such a toxic situation. I can promise that not a single person who has watched the show thinks poorly of you. You are r e a l and a class act,” writes another.

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