‘The Bachelorette’: Why Hannah Brown Doesn’t Want to Go into the Fantasy Suites with Tyler C.

It’s Fantasy Suites time! It seems like this whole season of The Bachelorette has been leading up to this. And this time, Hannah Brown has four men left to go on Fantasy Suite dates with, as opposed to the usual three.

Fantasy Suites are the first time that the contestants can spend the night with the lead of the show. This is typically where things get intimate and the Bachelorette gets a little closer to determining which of her connections is the strongest.

Currently, Brown has Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron, Luke Parker, and Jed Wyatt left to go on dates with.

Who will Brown chose to go into the Fantasy Suites with?

The Bachelorette production team can’t force anyone to do anything that they don’t want to. So, at the end of each date, the contestant and the Bachelorette are asked if they would like to go into the Fantasy Suites and spend the night with one another.

This means that Brown could decide not to go into the Suites with some of the men.

With Brown, it’s hard to predict who she will go into the suites with. She has a very strong connection with Parker, but according to previews of the season, Parker may not even make it far enough to go into the suite with her.

“So let’s talk about sex and how the marriage bed should be kept pure,” he says to her in one of the previews. “And let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys. I would be wanting to go home.”

Brown then reveals that she has had sex (twice) and tells him he should probably leave.

Why doesn’t Brown want to go in the Fantasy Suites with Cameron?

While we don’t know if Brown chooses to go into the suites with Wyatt or Weber, a new preview has revealed that she forgoes the suite with Cameron.


Because she wants to make sure their connection is more than just physical.

“Our relationship has been so fun, so easy getting to know each other,” she tells Cameron. “But there is a concern for me about our physical relationship. It is a huge part of our relationship and I just am so captivated about being around you and you holding me and kissing me. I just want that, I do. I have to kind of reset myself sometimes and think…that’s great…you know that that’s there…but it has to be more. I don’t want to go into the fantasy suite.”

Who does Brown have sex with?

We know now that Brown does have sex with at least one of the guys on the show. Assuming that it happens during the Fantasy Suites then the person would either be Weber or Wyatt.

In the preview of tonight’s episode, Brown says that the sex happened in a windmill. If you look at other previews, there are windmills in the background of her date with Wyatt. So, if you were going to make an educated guess about who she sleeps with, Wyatt would be the most reasonable choice.