‘The Bachelorette’: Why Hannah Brown Should Send Everyone Home and Start Over

Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette has pretty much been a dumpster fire. From night one, the former beauty queen has had to deal with men who either can’t seem to grow up or aren’t there for the right reasons. Seriously, on the first night, she had to eliminate someone because they had a girlfriend back home.

And things really haven’t gone up from there. At this point, Brown should just send everyone home and start over. Here’s why.

Luke Parker

Need we say more? Parker completely derailed this season and made it all about him. So much so, that host Chris Harrison doubted that Brown would even get a proposal.

“There is a guy not there for the right reasons, then there are the guys that just rub everyone the wrong way, that everyone loves to hate,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight before filming the finale. “It’s just stuff she has to deal with constantly, and every time we think we’re over it, it rears its ugly head and she has to get back in.”

“It really got to the point where honestly, it started taking away from her being the Bachelorette. It took away from the entire season and the chance for her to find love, and it may cause her not to find love at the end of this.”

Parker has been aggressive towards the other men and constantly gaslights Brown. He confuses her so much that she is unable to get out of her head and trust her own instincts.

Her top guy is shady

If you have been keeping up with Bachelorette news, then you know that Brown’s frontrunner, Jed Wyatt didn’t come on the show with the best intentions.

He admitted to Brown early on that he originally came onto The Bachelorette to promote his music career and she was understanding and was able to move past it. But now, it has come out that, not only was Wyatt on the show to further his music career, he also had a girlfriend waiting back home.

According to his ex, Haley Stevens, she and Wyatt planned what he would do when he went on the show.

“We talked about it like it was a movie like these are characters,” she said in an interview with Life and Style. “Because I didn’t even know who it was going to be it didn’t even seem real. Now, in hindsight, I’ve seen clips and Hannah is so genuine and sincere. If I could have seen this person that I’m seeing now and how much of her heart she is putting into this show — and into these guys and the process — it could have been a different ball game.”

She sent most of the good guys home

While Brown does have Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron left, Wyatt and Parker are also still in the running for her heart. Which means there is a 50/50 chance that she will end up with someone who will inevitably hurt her.

She had a number of other good men vying for her affection (ahem Mike Johnson) but it’s too late for her to get any of them back.

So, why don’t we give Brown another chance at love? You know what they say, third time is the charm.