‘The Bachelorette’: Why Is Hannah Giving Luke P. So Many Chances?

Last night’s Bachelorette episode put an end to The Battle Of The Lukes. Luke P. came out on top and Bachelor Nation is so confused as to why. Luke P. has been a polarizing contestant since the first episode. He earned an early lead by winning the first impression rose, and it’s no secret that he and Hannah Brown had red hot chemistry right off the bat. But he’s not well liked by the other contestants.

Luke P. wins Mr. Right | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images
Luke P. wins Mr. Right | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

After Luke S. decided to leave the show, Hannah kept Luke P. and sent John Paul Jones and Matteo home. Her decision to keep Luke P. wasn’t incredibly shocking. She’s had a strong connection with Luke P., despite his relationships with the other men, and she never really hit it off with Luke S., John Paul Jones, or Matteo.

“We have crazy chemistry but there are red flags,” she told the camera.

Then the gang headed to Scotland. There, she had an incredible one-on-one with Mike. The two went to a bookstore, a candy shop, and whiskey tasting. Mike was very smiley and Hannah seemed to be pretty into him, too. He got himself a rose.

Then, the most fun, most chill group date took place thanks to a notable absence from Luke P. The men threw axes, ran really fast with buckets of milk (?), and wrestled in their kilts with no underwear underneath. A jolly time was had by all.

Hannah’s weird one-on-one with Luke P. in Scotland

On her one-on-one with Luke P., Hannah tried to get the controversial contestant to have an honest conversation with her about his relationships with the other men. She felt he kept telling her things he thought she wanted to hear. She seemed frustrated throughout the date, periodically leaving and asking producers to talk to him about opening up about his emotions.

He didn’t get a rose but we see him in the preview for the next episode so he obviously doesn’t get sent home, at least not right away.

At one point, Hannah spoke to the camera about how she keeps giving Luke P. chances when she hasn’t given anyone else more than one. She said she feels like something’s there between them, and that they just need to get over this weird hump.

During their conversations, it seemed like Luke P. and Hannah were speaking different languages. Luke P. was not hearing what she was saying. He doesn’t know how to give her what she wants.

And yet, Hannah keeps throwing the words ‘future husband’ around when considering Luke P.’s fate. She even said in one of her talking head interviews last night that she’s afraid to send Luke P. home when he could be the right person for her.

Hannah doesn’t want to let go of the first real connection she made on the show

Hannah is holding onto the initial connection she had with Luke P.

“Our emotional and physical connection is like far beyond the other men,” she told ET a few weeks ago of her and Luke P.’s relationship.

But it was the beginning of the season. Emotions were running high, she was excited to be The Bachelorette, she and Luke P. had instant chemistry. But that doesn’t mean she’s meant to be with him. Thankfully, it looks like Hannah’s at the end of her rope with Luke P. He won’t get sent home after his one-on-one, but his time is running out.   

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