‘The Bachelorette’: Why the Rest of Hannah Brown’s Men are Defending Jed Wyatt

It’s safe to say that when it comes to Jed Wyatt, Bachelor Nation has flipped their opinion. Originally, people were a little wary of Wyatt because he came on the show and immediately made it clear that he was a musician. Talk about a walking red flag.

But he was so darn charming that Brown and the rest of us were able to cast our worries to the side and just focus on his disarming good looks.

But all of the trust that fans had put into Wyatt went out the window onnce it became clear that he had been lying to us all.

How did Wyatt lie?

A few weeks ago, musician Haley Stevens came out and said that she and Wyatt had been dating up until the moment he left to film The Bachelorette.

Once things started getting serious with Stevens, he told her about his plan to go on the show to promote his career.

“Obviously, I’ve looked back on this,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I read text messages that I sent that I’m like, ‘This is embarrassing. How could I let myself be here? How could I let myself believe this?'”

Stevens claimed that they planned to be together when Wyatt returned.

“Someone told me they love me, this is what’s best for them, I trusted in that. I could never have known that this is what the situation would be. I could never have known that feelings would be involved or hearts would be broken,” Stevens continued. “I know that this story is hurtful to [Hannah Brown], and she’s feeling what I have felt, and that is not an easy thing to do or know that I’ve done. None of it’s easy. So many people are tied up in this.”

Why are the men defending Wyatt?

Despite the blatant deception of going on the show with someone waiting for you back home, the men who competed with Wyatt for Brown’s heart haven’t turned their backs on him.

“Whether the rumors are true or false, don’t come at Jed’s sister. Don’t come at his mom. Don’t come at his people,” former contestant Mike Johnson told Entertainment Tonight at the Men Tell All taping.

“Let’s be real,” he continued. “Jed was super. Jed and Dylan [Barbour] together are the dynamic duo of just hilariousness,” he said.”

Johnson and Wyatt had grown especially close during filming so Johnson may be a little biased when it comes to him.

“I really liked Jed,” the Bachelorette fan-favorite continued. “I mean, he’s one of my best friends in the house. We spent a lot of time together. We were roommates every time we traveled. So, I’m really hoping he finds love with Hannah, and I’m just hoping at the end of the day, Hannah’s happy because that’s what this is all about.”

Even John Paul Jones, who left pretty early in the season, spoke highly of Wyatt.

“Jed was just a really sweet guy and, you know, I’ve never heard him say anything bad to anyone,” he told the outlet.

When asked how he felt about the whole scandal, Jones said that he hadn’t made up his mind.

“I really don’t know all the facts of the matter and I am not sure about the primary sources, so, you know, I can’t really have a concrete position on that,” he said.