‘The Batman’: Jason Momoa Addresses Whether Aquaman Will Meet Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight

The Batman is inching toward production, but fans are still uncertain how — or even if — it will relate to the rest of the DC Extended Universe. Robert Pattinson’s Batman could conceivably cross paths with characters like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. But then again, the success of Joker indicates that Matt Reeves’ take on Gotham City may stand alone.

Of course, fans can (and will) continue speculating until they see The Batman. But perhaps someone who already plays an integral part in the DCEU has some insider knowledge he can share. To that end, Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa on the red carpet | Brook Mitchell/Getty Images
Jason Momoa on the red carpet | Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Jason Momoa talks Robert Pattinson and ‘The Batman’

ET spoke to the Aquaman star while he was busy promoting his upcoming Apple TV+ series See. Momoa first commented on Pattinson’s casting, calling him a “good man” and a “great actor.” Then the conversation turned to whether the two superheroes — in addition to Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman — could share the screen.

“I mean, it’d be awesome,” Momoa said, “but I don’t think it’s going that way. Let’s just let them do their thing, and I’ll do my thing.”

The actor’s comments seem to fall in line with DC Films’ current approach to its properties. Although Batman v Superman and Justice League rushed into a shared universe, more recent projects have downplayed the interconnectivity of it all. Instead, the focus remains on standalone adventures like next year’s Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984.

‘The Batman’ is still coming together

Although Momoa probably won’t appear in The Batman, we know very little about the film’s version of Gotham City. Reeves’ film will presumably follow a younger Bruce Wayne early in his crimefighting career. But beyond that, we have no idea what the premise of the film will be.

What we are learning about piece by piece is the ensemble cast the writer/director is assembling. In addition to Pattinson and Kravitz, Paul Dano and Jeffrey Wright have signed on to play the Riddler and Jim Gordon, respectively. Moreover, composer Michael Giacchino (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) will handle the film’s music.

When will we see ‘Aquaman 2’?

As for Momoa himself, he’ll certainly be back as Arthur Curry, especially given Aquaman‘s $1.1 billion gross. The film is set for release on December 16, 2022, though we don’t have any plot details just yet. Moreover, we don’t even know yet if Amber Heard will be returning as well.

Of course, fan have a long wait between now and when production begins on Aquaman 2. In the meantime, Warner Bros. is also developing a horror-inspired Aquaman spinoff called The Trench. In addition to the upcoming projects mentioned above, The Suicide Squad and The Flash will release in 2021.

The Batman will swoop into theaters on June 25, 2021.