‘The Batman’: Jonah Hill Reportedly Demanding He Make Twice As Much As Robert Pattinson

After months of zero developments, we finally have some exciting casting news regarding Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. Not only is Westworld star Jeffrey Wright reportedly in talks about playing Commissioner Jim Gordon, but Jonah Hill is also looking to snag a part in the next chapter of Batman’s story. The only problem is that Hill is reportedly demanding twice as much money as the movie’s lead — a request that might create waves with other cast members.

The Batman Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill | Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Museum of Modern Art

‘The Batman’ drops casting news

Hill is reportedly looking to play a villain in The Batman, though exactly who remains unclear. Director Matt Reeves and his casting team allegedly offered Hill a part four weeks ago, which prompted a swift response from the actor.

According to We Got This Covered, Hill agreed to be a part of the project, but only if he got paid twice as much money as Pattinson. The Twilight alum is making around $5 million to play Bruce Wayne, putting Hill’s salary at an even $10 million.

There is no telling if Hill is worth that kind of money, especially considering how the franchise has struggled in recent years. But Reeves definitely has some things to iron out before filming can get underway.

There are also rumors that Hill wants to play Penguin or the Riddler. But the actor is apparently in negotiations over the role as well, so we will see what pans out.

Reeves has not said anything about casting for The Batman, but filming should start over the next few months. The movie is scheduled to premiere in the summer o 2021, so luckily Reeves has plenty of time to work things out.

Hill won’t be the only villain in ‘The Batman’

Unlike Batman movies in past years, Reeves is taking the character back to his roots in The Batman. The film is reportedly going to feature a younger Batman as he attempts to solve a mystery that involves several of Gotham’s infamous villains.

It is still unclear how many villains the movie will feature, but we know that the Riddler, Penguin, and Cat Woman will be making appearances as Batman takes down a rogue gallery of bad guys.

If Hill lands the part of Penguin, there has been speculation that comedian John Mulaney would be the perfect fit for the Riddler — and we could not agree more.

Mulaney, of course, has not responded to the rumors and it is unknown if he is on Reeves’ radar. But we can still hope.

Wright in talks to play Gordon

In addition to Hill, insiders claim that Wright is in talks to appear as Commissioner Gordon in The Batman. Wright has starred in a slew of movies and television shows and is currently working on a new season of Westworld, in which he plays the part of the Bernard.

With an impressive resume at his disposal, Wright might be the perfect choice for Commissioner Gordon. In the comics, Gordon serves as a sort of middleman between Batman and the police of Gotham, though he also gets into the fray from time to time.

We do not know if Reeves is planning on leaving Gordon on the sidelines in The Batman but casting an actor like Wright could give the character a larger role in the film.

Rumor has it that Reeves is planning to use The Long Halloween storyline as inspiration for The Batman. The story features a much more active Gordon than fans are accustomed to, and Wright easily has the chops to pull it off.

If Wright does land a part in the film, then it also opens the door for Reeves to cast a black actress to play the part of Barbara Gordon (who is also known as Batgirl).

Unfortunately, nothing official has been confirmed about the casting, so we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out. Either way, it looks like Reeves’ is not pulling any punches when it comes to casting — and we cannot wait to see the end product.

The Batman is scheduled to open in theaters on June 25, 2021.