‘The Batman’: New Fan-Made Image Offers a Better Look at Robert Pattinson than the Official Footage

Few superheroes have been brought to life as often and interpreted in as many different ways as Batman. From the campy 1960s TV series to Ben Affleck’s murderous brawler, fans of the Caped Crusader never know what to expect whenever a new version of the hero is announced.

So when director Matt Reeves cast Robert Pattinson in his upcoming 2021 release The Batman, fans were not sure exactly how their take would distinguish itself from what has come before. The fact some moviegoers still associate Pattinson with Twilight certainly did not help matters.

Now fans eager to see Reeves and Pattinson’s Dark Knight have their best look yet, albeit from an unexpected source.

Robert Pattinson at the Go Campaign's Go Gala
Robert Pattinson at the Go Campaign’s Go Gala | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Fans received an official glimpse of ‘The Batman’ test footage

In February 2020, Reeves released a “camera test” to reveal fans’ first look at Pattinson’s batsuit. Set to an original piece of music by composer Michael Giacchino, the minute-long footage instantly sets the dark mood Reeves is going for with his Batman.

Cast in a deep red light, Pattinson’s Batman slowly comes into focus with a metallic-looking crest that may have special significance to Bruce Wayne. Pattinson certainly looks the part, with his jawline effectively ready to dole out justice. As a mood piece, the camera test works incredibly well.

But the dark footage still doesn’t allow fans the chance to soak in all the detail of Pattinson’s batsuit. In fact, it does not even provide a full glimpse of the cowl the character will wear in the film. Despite the promise the footage offers, it ultimately whet fans’ appetites more than it satisfies it.

A new fan-made rendering gives a better look at Robert Pattinson

Thankfully, digital artist vimkerk took to Instagram with his own version of the Pattinson batsuit. Based on Reeves’ test footage and leaked set photos, the artist created a detailed rendering that offers the best look we have had so far of what Pattinson’s Batman will look like when he hits the big screen.

Gone is the distracting red hue of Reeves’ footage and the dark shadows that interfere with the image clarity. In this new digital rendering, fans can even see the stitching on Batman’s cowl and the nuances on his chest plate. Particularly cool is the way in which Batman’s cape creates sort of a collar effect around his neck.

Reeves looks to be tapping into the monstrous aspect of the character. He does, after all, use fear to prey on Gotham City’s criminal element. Certain aspects of the design feel inspired directly by bats (those dark eyes, for instance) But others, such as the collar, call to mind Dracula and vampiric imagery.

‘The Batman’ is (so far) sticking with its summer 2021 release date

Fans will probably have plenty of time to study the above rendering. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, production on The Batman — as is the case with most of Hollywood — has been put on hold. As of right now, the film is sticking to its June 25, 2021 release date. But of course, that’s subject to change.

In the meantime, Warner Bros. has likely similarly halted the film’s marketing campaign, including viral videos like Reeves’ test footage. Until the entertainment industry gets back to some sense of normalcy, The Batman‘s release should probably be considered tentative.

But when it does, we can probably expect similarly eerie and fascinating character looks from Reeves going forward. At least Batman fans can rest assured that the new batsuit looks like it will, as promised, present a version of Batman they have never seen before.