‘The Batman’: The ‘Covert’ Operation Happening Behind The Scenes

While Matt Reeves’ The Batman isn’t scheduled to hit cinemas until May 2021, a decent amount of information has already become available to the public. For one, the movie will highlight Bruce Wayne’s detective skills — bringing to the forefront the sleuth behind the savior — to expose an aspect of the character’s identity often relegated to second fiddle in cinematic representations. Batman can fight, but he can also deduce.

A Lebanese model dressed as Batman | PATRICK BAZ/AFP via Getty Images

Wayne will likely come up against a crime that needs cracking, confronting some of his most iconic foes along the way. So far, Zoë Kravitz has been confirmed for Selina Kyle / Catwoman, Paul Dano is set to play Ridder / Edward Nigma, Colin Farrell is all but confirmed for Penguin / Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, and Matthew McConaughey is rumored for Two-Face / Harvey Dent. 

As we wait for confirmation concerning the Oscar and Golden Globe winner McConaughey, the goal with The Batman becomes obvious; Warner Bros. must be setting into motion its slew of villain-centered narratives behind the scenes, using Reeves’ The Batman as the starting point from which to expand. 

‘Joker’ success and Warner Bros. reported plan 

Joker was one of the most successful movies of the year, given its modest budget, impressive box office results, and critical success. The movie will likely be an Oscar contender in a few major categories come 2020 as well. 

Rumor has it that, following Joker’s unexpected triumph, Warner Bros. plans to release a slate of villain-centric tales in an attempt to exploit the trend for as much monetary gain as possible. Considering this is where the DCEU can outrank the MCU, for Marvel Studios has yet to release a single movie with a villain at the forefront, it is wise for the studio to continue down this path. 

News surrounding a Lex Luthor-inspired movie with the iconic antagonist serving as President in a frightening political drama has already surfaced in various online publications. However, what better way to lay the groundwork for a ton of villains than to introduce them via a Batman movie? Not to mention, the A-list casting is a bit suspicious. 

Would Warner Bros. hire all ‘The Batman’ A-listers for brief screentime in a single movie? 

Actors select roles for a challenge. Actors select roles that speak to their artistry and passion. However, actors also select roles that could prime them for future roles. With all the A-listers set to portray villains in the upcoming Batman movie, the budget must be out of this world. 

Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz (still riding the wave of Big Little Lies), Paul Dano, and Matthew McConaughey all boast successful careers, and they likely have far from modest asking prices. 

Why would Warner Bros, choose to spend an exorbitant amount of money on actors that will likely only be in the movie for a matter of minutes at a time (likely with titillating, yet modest amounts of dialogue)? Putting all the pieces together, it seems that Bruce Wayne’s mission in the movie may be less important than the “covert” operation going on behind the scenes at Warner Bros.