The Belchers Take a Trip to the Mall in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

In the newest episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belcher family takes a trip to the mall. The episode, titled “Legends of the Mall,” shows the Belcher family splitting up to accomplish different tasks. Bob needs to buy dress pants, Linda gets distracted by a book reading, Tina wants to flirt with boys, and Gene and Louise ride motorized animals through the mall. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Bob's Burgers
‘Bob’s Burgers’ | Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Tina is mistaken as someone’s boyfriend

As soon as Tina arrives at the mall, her goal is to flirt with more boys than Tammy and Jocelyn. Tammy accuses Tina of having no “mall game,” encouraging Tina even more. As she wanders through the mall unsuccessfully, Tina spots an attractive teenager named Brian.

As soon as Brian’s friends leave, Tina approaches him only to find him asleep on a bench. She sits down beside him and a security guard mistakes her for Brian’s girlfriend. Later, two of Brian’s friends make the same mistake. When Tammy and Jocelyn express jealousy over Tina having a boyfriend, Tina goes along with the lie.

When another girl texts Brian, Brian’s classmates encourage Tina to wake Brian up and confront him. Brian wakes up, and Tina admits she made up being Brian’s girlfriend. Tammy and Jocelyn admit Tina does have “mall game,” but the new friends Tina made decide they don’t want to hang out with Tina anymore.

Bob attempts to buy a new pair of pants after Linda goes to a book signing

The original plan in the episode was for Linda to assist Bob with buying a new pair of pants. When Linda sees a book signing for her favorite author she leaves Bob to his own devices. After the book reading, Linda meets the author and guesses the ending of the book. The other customers return their books once the ending is spoiled.

While Linda spoils the book reading for everyone, Bob attempts to buy pants on his own. In the store, Bob runs into Sergeant Bosco. After the shopping experience depresses them, the two decide to go to a fancy store that serves champagne.

Bob and Sergeant Bosco end up buying matching pairs of pants. When Bob reunites with his family at the end of the episode, Linda suggests returning the pair of pants. Because Bob enjoys shopping now, he asks if they can look in multiple stores.

Louise and Gene rent motorized animals in ‘Bob’s Burgers’

When the family splits up, Louise and Gene are left to wander the mall on their own in the Bob’s Burgers episode. The siblings rent motorized animals to ride throughout the mall. When they are ready to return the animals, Gene discovers his animal will not turn off. Just before Gene collides with a store table, Louise cuts the wire of the animal and stops it.

While the episode features the typical antics of a Bob’s Burgers episode, there are some key differences. “Legends of the Mall” takes the Belchers outside of the normal episode settings of the family’s restaurant and school. Instead of having the family come together to solve their problems, each member of the family learns to solve their problems separately.