The Best BBMA Performances to Watch If You Missed the Show

The Billboard Music Awards were, once again, a triumphant exposé of contemporary music, hits from yesteryear, and choreographic genius. If you were not lucky enough to tune in to the award ceremony itself, be sure to check out some of the top-notch performances that you missed. There were definitely a few showstoppers and jaw-droppers.

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul | Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

To all the Mariah Carey fans out there, while the Diva has more than earned her Icon honor, as this is one word you cannot deny she owns the rights to, her BBMA performance lacked the wow factor that many other artists brought to the stage. This list will attempt to highlight the must-watch performances of the night.

From BTS & Halsey to Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Queen, The Jonas Brothers, and more, several of today’s’ hottest musicians took to the stage in a musical celebration to be remembered. However, some performances were a little bit more impressive than others.

Taylor Swift (feat Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco!) performing “ME!”

Opening with a drumline garbed in pink from head-to-toe, as Swift strutted her way to center stage, this moment was a perfect chill-inducing opening. Opening numbers have to be grand, and grand it was.

Colorful, well-choreographed, and uplifting, the musical number was well-executed and a good way to start the show: the performance put a smile on everyone’s face, creating that bubbly feeling in your stomach.

Not to mention, Brendon Urie coming in Mary Poppins style on a translucent umbrella was both funny and unpredictable. The two also shared the stage quite nicely, never battling for attention, they seemed to sincerely enjoy performing as one. In this day and age, this bright rainbow-infused performance was the perfect way to set the tone for the night.

Madonna and Maluma performing “Medellín”

This performance proved two things: Hologram technology has reached a point no one could have foreseen years ago and Madonna is out to show that she can still bring sex appeal.

As past versions of Madonna appeared on stage in hologram form, viewers took a walk down memory lane, while witnessing the Diva, once again, offer the entertainment quality and high energy she’s so famous for.

While Madonna seemed a little bit stiff at times, she was clearly enjoying herself, and Maluma’s swift movement and smooth hips made up for any subpar dance moments on Madonna’s behalf.

Paula Abul closing out the show with her greatest hits

Paula Abdul, at 56 years old, is here to tell you that she can still tap, flip, and shake her body all the way to the top! Paula Abdul has always been an impressive dancer-choreographer, and nothing has changed.

Abdul closed out the show and had many audience members completely in shock as she jumped from high heights and flipped in the arms of her backup dancers. When the camera panned to the audience, you could make out the shocked expressions that seemed to linger on their faces.

The movements were iconically Abdul-esque and the numbers, from Straight Up to Opposites Attract, scored the artist’s most famous and fun hits. It was impossible not to sing along and move to the music. Paula Abdul reminded audiences of her level of talent when it comes to delivering inspired, captivating, and unpredictable dance numbers.

If you missed the Billboard Music Awards this year, make sure to watch the above three performances, as they are all worthy of recognition and praise for different reasons. Then, as you look for more, make your way to Queen, Ariana Grande, and The Jonas Brothers.