The Best Episode of ‘American Horror Story,’ According To Ryan Murphy, Won’t Surprise You

American Horror Story has been a staple horror show since it premiered in 2011. Before AHS, horror wasn’t really something that a TV series had tried to the extent that AHS did. Since then, other shows that seek to terrify audiences like The Haunting of Hill House have cropped up. 

In its eight years of horrifying viewers, the show now released its 100th episode ever. The man behind this series with a considerable fanbase is Ryan Murphy. He writes, directs, and produces for the show as well as created the whole thing with Brad Falchuk. If you were ever wondering which episodes are his favorite, he’s got an entire list for you.

Ryan Murphy with his Tony Award for 'The Boys in the Band,' 2019.
Ryan Murphy at the 73rd Annual Tony Awards | Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Ryan Murphy’s top episodes all come from different seasons

On Oct. 23, in celebration of the 100th episode airing that night, Entertainment Weekly had Murphy list his favorites of all time. They all happen to be from each season, which was probably on purpose. 

  1. Murder House, Episode 1, “Pilot”
  2. Asylum, Episode 10, “The Name Game”
  3. Hotel, Episode 1, “Checking In”
  4. Apocalypse, Episode 6, “Return To Murder House”
  5. Freak Show, Episode 1, “Monsters Among Us”
  6. Cult, Episode 11, “Great Again”
  7. Coven, Episode 10, “the Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks”
  8. 1984, Episode 5, “Red Dawn”
  9. Roanoke, Episode 6, “Chapter Six”

From fan-favorites to some underdogs, there’s such a range with these episodes. Three of them are the first of their respective seasons — Murder House, Hotel, and Freak Show — and he loved the finale of Season 7, Cult.

His favorite episode is a fan-fave too

It should come to no one’s surprise that his top two are also fan-favorite episodes. Many viewers would say they loved the first few seasons, especially Murder House and Asylum. Murphy picked the pilot episode as his number one since it was his first season and everything was just so much different than anything he’d done before. 

Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Ryan Murphy at the 100th Episode Celebration for 'American Horror Story.'
Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Ryan Murphy at FX’s “American Horror Story” 100th Episode Celebration | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“We were always taking the script apart and redoing it. It was like this great thrill ride that we found in the filming,” Murphy told EW. “The only person who never wavered ever was Dylan McDermott. Always grinning, always so in the part and willing to go anywhere.” According to Murphy, McDermott knew it was going to be a hit from the start. 

Murphy also said that Asylum was Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange’s favorite season, while his is Cult

Lady Gaga brought a lot to the show

While talking about his third favorite episode, which is the first one in Hotel’s season, he gushed about Lady Gaga’s role on the show and how good she was in the creative process. “I think I enjoyed this so much because Gaga cares about IT ALL. We spent hours on the looks, the backstory of The Countess.” 

He also shared that Gaga threw a “Getting To Know You” party before filming. He and Kathy Bates were very impressed by her blood-red pool.

Murphy said Stevie Nicks saved his life

Another sweet mention from Murphy had to do with Stevie Nicks, who guest-starred on Season 3, Coven, and Apocalypse

I honestly think Stevie Nicks saved my life when I was a teenager because I saw in her a way out, a way to be unique in the world and not give a S*** what anyone says or thinks about you. Just follow yourself. And your dreams. Wear platform boots and sling shawls around, be WHO YOU ARE because life is short. 

Entertainment Weekly

Fans of AHS have stuck through a lot of blood, gore, and screams. But many would definitely agree with his list, too — cheers to 100 episodes.