The Best Movies You Can Watch On Hulu Right Now

Most people place Hulu third in the “Big Three” of streaming services in pre-Disney+ era. Considering Disney owns Hulu, it may move up in popularity once Disney+ officially goes live. In the meantime, its programming remains top-notch. Hulu’s original movie offerings are considered to be as good as Netflix’s.

If you head over to Hulu, you’ll find not only some original movies but also some forgotten gems it recently acquired. If you subscribe to its service, we’ve put together a Top Four of the best movies on the platform that are well worth your streaming time.


Creating original horror movies for streaming services is a major industry right now. We’ve seen how successful that is in recent months over at Netflix with Bird Box, which stars Sandra Bullock. Hulu tries to keep up the pace with their recent release of Treehouse. This is part of an anthology series called Into the Dark with each “episode” essentially being a full-length movie.

In Treehouse, we see a story about a famous chef who’s trying to escape a national scandal by going to live in an isolated old house once belonging to his family. Once there, ghosts of past family members come back to haunt him and provide karma (with a feminist point of view). While reviews have been mixed about this particular installment, Into the Dark continues to offer some compelling horror once each month. Each story is framed to correspond to the month of the year, even if this one is a little more ambiguous for April.

‘Fyre Fraud’

You’ll often find great documentaries on Hulu not always receiving enough attention.

Fyre Fraud likely will since it’s been long anticipated following the Fyre Festival debacle in 2017. Hulu’s original take on what happened is a counterpart to a similar documentary over at Netflix called Fyre. It initially led to a battle over gaining interview time with Billy McFarland, with Hulu ultimately landing the interview and Netflix not.

Fyre Fraud digs deep into the circumstances behind the misleading Fyre Festival marketing. As many documentaries do well, it’s a warning tale to always do vetting before spending big bucks on something looking too good to be true.

Despite the plethora of drama, Hulu categorizes Fyre Fraud as a true-crime comedy.

‘Minding the Gap’

nother excellent original Hulu documentary is Minding the Gap from director Bing Liu, who filmed over a dozen years of footage with his skateboarding friends in Rockford, Illinois.

While it tells about how his friends became interested in skateboarding, the footage goes beyond to detail the personal lives of these friends and the troubles they ran into becoming adults. The documentary ultimately turned into a 93-min. reflection on what it’s like to be a teenager growing up in the Midwest of the 21st century. Liu also managed to give insight into what it’s like being a male teen and how to navigate today’s world. His vision turned into a one-of-a-kind, microcosmic examination of a broad period of history in a small town, something all too rare.

No wonder this was nominated for Best Documentary at the Oscars this last year (among other award nominations).

Non-original Hulu movie: ‘Sorry to Bother You’

We want to include at least one outside movie not receiving nearly enough attention in theaters. If you’re in the mood for a good satire, don’t miss Sorry to Bother You, which is currently streaming on Hulu this month.

Those of you who’ve become recent fans of Lakeith Stanfield (from Get Out) will love his performance here as a guy who finds a magical key to success working as a telemarketer. He manages it by using a “white voice” to help achieve more sales with customers.

The film takes some major punches at race, marketing, and capitalism, making it fairly high concept satire. Having it land on Hulu will hopefully help it find a wider audience than it found on the big screen. Stanfield is great, as he always is.