The Best Original Netflix Shows That Didn’t End After One Season

While a lot of original Netflix series ended after just one season — often to the dismay of fans — there are quite a few that didn’t. These binge-worthy Netflix original television series come in all genres and formats, but something made them great enough to be renewed for additional seasons.

Among the numerous choices, these are the very best original Netflix shows that didn’t end after one season. So, if you’re looking for a weekend long (or several weekends) binge session on a great show that is going to hook you in, these are what you should be choosing from.

‘Dear White People’

This Netflix original television series was based on the film of the same name. Unlike many other series based on films, this one is actually better, which is probably why it was renewed for a second season. Dear White People is a smart, insightful, witty look into the racial politics of a college campus.

It is eye-opening and much more than white people versus black people. It delves into the dynamics of all the many side stories that come with race. It explores, for example, “woke” people versus non-woke people. It discusses how varied it can be between black people who are trying to fight the system versus black people who are trying to work within the system.

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‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Want to know what happens when a woman is rescued from a doomsday cult and moves to the big city? Then The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the show for you — and there are four seasons to get through, so you’ll spend a good weekend or two getting sucked into the story.

Kimmy Schmidt has the pop-culture IQ of a 1990s teenager and her two quirky friends to help her traverse the streets of New York City. The only thing holding her back is her own personal form of PTSD and the fact that she is very much stuck in the past.

‘Orange is the New Black’

At one point in time, Orange is the New Black was one of the most talked about Netflix television series. Everybody was watching it, and if they weren’t, they were being bombarded by bits of the television series that allowed them to watch it vicariously through others. With six incredible seasons under its belt, fans are still hungry for more, which means the confirmation of a seventh and final season is great news for everybody.

The show’s creators mixed social commentary with comedy in this women’s prison story. Somehow Orange is the New Black managed to both feature a wide range of racial stereotypes, while also expanding the minds of everyone watching. It featured an all-star cast and created realistic characters with very real issues through much-loved flashback scenes. It’s hard to pick sides in a series where you can understand and feel bad for all sides involved.

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‘Stranger Things’

With two seasons under its belt, Stranger Things was recently voted as the best new show on any streaming service — so it only makes sense it ranks as number one for Netflix alone. The series, which is set in the 1980s, is about a boy named Will who goes missing. It’s discovered this isn’t an ordinary runaway or kidnapping, but that he’s trapped inside a creepy world reminiscent of what’s beyond the television set in Poltergeist. 

There are monsters and ordinary dangers intertwined together in a very realistic 1980s scene featuring a very young, all-star cast that viewers will immediately liken to that of Stephen King’s Stand By Me. It’s a viewer favorite that combines a large dose of nostalgia with an equally large dose of 1980s blockbuster-type horror.