The Best Part About Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Staying in the MCU

So much for our wild speculations about what Sony would do with Spider-Man after Marvel broke from former company late this last summer. Now with an 11th hour deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU after all, we have to eat our words but also rejoice at the good news. Maybe my own speculation in August about what Sony would do with Spider-Man will still hold true at a future, indefinite date.

Tom Holland is Spider-Man
Tom Holland is Spider-Man | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

If we argued Spider-Man could have faced complacency staying at Marvel, having Kevin Feige at the helm once again almost assures that won’t happen. What makes this new agreement even more fruitful now is the potential of what lies ahead.

How did it seem to work out so fast for the better? It’s probably proof when facing a pop culture tragedy, corporate heads come together to fix things.

MCU Spider-Man might go beyond just another film in 2021

As we all saw with the official announcement of the new deal, Feige will return as producer for a third Homecoming series of Spider-Man movies. It’s also just two years away with a release date of July 16, 2021. An appearance by Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will also occur in an undetermined Marvel film afterward.

All of this is exciting, but everyone wants to know what comes after the Marvel movie. The answer to this might have been right in front of our eyes after Feige noted in the official press release the chances are good for more beyond the initial deal.

Should it be Disney and Sony truly came to a perfect corporate agreement, we might see Spider-Man continue at the MCU indefinitely. Even then, we all have to be a little skeptical since the initial deal between Disney and Sony was already on shaky ground.

One could argue this new deal might have some in-fighting again someday, particularly when the box office continues to rise even further for the Tom Holland era of Spidey.

Can public outcries trigger better corporate deals?

With both Disney and Sony bemoaning the initial break-up a while back, we have to wonder if this new agreement was a re-marriage of convenience. Outside of Sony having excitement about what they could do, no doubt there was some trepidation about going at it without Kevin Feige by their side.

There would have also been a chance of a Sony Spider-Man movie not living up to box office expectations, hence them potentially losing the very valuable Tom Holland.

We all have to wonder if he was ultimately a mediator on this. Leave it up to the young adult in the corporate family to ultimately talk the most sense into bringing two sides together after a divorce.

Thanks to Feige also saying in the press release “you never know what more surprises the future might hold“, we have to hope Holland can take credit for part of this. Now we can potentially see him age as Peter Parker, creating some interesting territory to explore. At the same time, maybe there’s enough leeway for some appearances at Sony as well.

What if we see a trade-off between the two companies?

Back when the split first happened, we envisioned Sony possibly incorporating the Tom Holland edition of Spider-Man in the Into the Spider-Verse franchise. Going such a route could have reinvented Peter Parker into a new form (animated) and created some interesting story possibilities.

Placing it in context now, it’s probably far too soon to go such a route. Having him back at the MCU for now is the best thing to happen considering the plot points left hanging in Far From Home.

Those who’ve caught up on the Spidey saga also know one of the hanging threads is Spider-Man now being implicated (falsely) in the death of Quentin Beck/Mysterio. This and several other plot points need some fulfillment before anything more daring occurs.

Now we look further ahead and wonder if Holland will keep his word and stay playing Spider-Man indefinitely. The greatest aspect of all to this deal is the potential to see him as middle-age Spidey and still able to do major lunges without physical damage.