The Best Part of Kate Gosselin’s ‘Kate Plus Date’ Is Her Daughters, Mady and Cara

Kate Gosselin is returning to TV and looking for love in the new TLC series Kate Plus Date. Will the mom of eight, who has been out of the dating game for 10 years, find her soulmate? For the most part, it involves awkward dating scenarios, but her daughters, Mady and Cara more than make up for the cringey parts, providing commentary that only teens embarrassed by their mother can deliver.

Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin and Mady Gosselin of 'Kate Plus Date'
Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Kate Gosselin returns to her reality show roots

Gosselin was a regular fixture on TLC with Jon & Kate Plus 8, then just Kate Plus 8 when she and her husband, Jon Gosselin, split. Now she’s back with a reality show chronicling her attempt at finding love on Kate Plus Date.

The concept is simple enough — matchmakers Rachel DeAlto and Adam LoDolce attempt to put Gosselin in dating situations in the hopes that one of the guys will grab her interest and also not be scared off by the fact that she has eight kids.

That in itself might not provide the most riveting TV, but the addition of her twin daughters, Mady and Cara, offering up all the teen eyerolls and sarcasm about their mom in the dating game, is arguably the most interesting part.

Over the course of six episodes, Gosselin will go on 10 dates set up by the matchmakers, with the dates having one active and one intimate activity. After the 10 dates, she will choose two men to have a second date with.

Why is Gosselin putting her dating life on display?

Dating isn’t for the faint of heart and Gosselin readily admits in the show’s preview, “The thought of him kissing me caused so much panic,” so why would she go through this on a TV show?

The press release for Kate Plus Date notes: “Raising eight children hasn’t granted Kate much time for romance, but with her sextuplets grown and her oldest twins off to college in the fall, the time is right for the well-known mother of multiples to find that special someone.”

The release continues: “Over the years on TLC, viewers have seen Kate as a mom of eight. Whether wading neck-deep in diapers and sippy cups, scrambling to get the kids off to school or stressing over every last detail of birthday parties, her world has always revolved around being a mom — but moms deserve the chance to find love too! Devoting herself full-time to her eight children has left Kate’s dating skills a bit rusty, so she enlists the help of expert matchmakers Rachel DeAlto and Adam LoDolce to guide her through this very new -— and often awkward — process.”

The show promises to “follow Kate’s journey as she evolves from reserved and cautious to open and invested.” The press release notes that “Mady and Cara don’t hold anything back when it comes to advising their mom, but ultimately, Kate has the final say.”

Kate Plus Date premieres June 10 on TLC.