The Best Rebel Wilson Movies, Ranked

A lot of great Australian talent has been found over the years and transplanted to America, sometimes several years late. Some of those talents (like Rebel Wilson) were doing well in their native country before starring in a hit American film bringing them international fame.

If you have to rank Rebel Wilson’s best films so far in her career, you’d have to include some of her Australian work before she was known in America through the film Bridesmaids.

Born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, let’s rank Rebel Wilson’s best movies in a Top Five. This includes her current film where she’s earned a title of producer.

5. ‘Fat Pizza’ (2003)

This is a good example of Wilson’s Australian work about eight years before she was widely known in America. Fat Pizza was a cinematic spinoff on a TV series she was doing in Oz then called Pizza where Wilson played a character named Toula.

While the film adaptation showcased Wilson’s considerable wit and talent, she was already capable of playing more than one character. No wonder then she transitioned into more television in Australia to showcase her ability to play different character types and use her comedic improv skills.

It’s unfortunate movies (even in Australia) didn’t have enough scenarios where Wilson could play multiple characters. On Aussie TV, she parlayed those talents on a sketch comedy series similar to Saturday Night Live called The Wedge.

4. A small part in 2007’s ‘Ghost Rider’

To show how memorable Wilson always is, all it took was a small part in an American Marvel Comics film to generate more interest from U.S. audiences.

Despite being credited as a “girl in the alley” for Ghost Rider, her scene was significant enough where audiences and industry elites remembered her. Wilson is impossible to overlook in any scene she’s in anyway. She’s become one of the greatest comedic scene stealers in recent memory.

Just look at her Ghost Rider scene and you’ll also see how much of a comedic chameleon she is. The girl she plays is a brunette with an American accent. You’ll laugh out loud as she explains in a straight face to a news reporter Ghost Rider’s burning helmet.

3. ‘Bridesmaids’

Sure, it’s obvious Bridesmaids is one of Wilson’s best films. We list it mainly because it’s where American audiences finally got a chance to see her talent fully blossom.

One thing Wilson has always proven is she often works best in ensembles. Her role as Brynn in the film was brief, though it was all it took for more American filmmakers to cast her in their future comedy projects.

To date, Wilson credits Paul Feig for casting her in her first film. You may not know, though, she initially auditioned for the role of Megan before Melissa McCarthy landed it.

2. ‘Pitch Perfect’ and the sequels

To see Rebel Wilson at her very best with an ensemble of other talented women, you can’t go wrong watching all three Pitch Perfect movies.

Outside of the derogatory character name she had (Fat Amy), it’s easily her most iconic character so far on the big screen.

In-between making these films, it was inevitable she’d end up making more daring comedies. Working with Sacha Baron Cohen for Grimsby in 2016 made one thing clear: Wilson won’t take her clothes off in a film for laughs.

1. ‘Isn’t it Romantic?’

Perhaps it looks strange to place Rebel Wilson’s most recent film at the #1 position. The reason we did is because it’s the first film where she’s the main star, including being one of the producers.

Isn’t it Romantic? is a complete romantic comedic showcase for her and finally gives audiences a chance to see her be the lead alongside fellow Aussie Liam Hemsworth. It’s received fairly good reviews, and it’s 100% satire, something not usually understood enough in America.

Look out for Wilson soon in projects like a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, plus an adaptation of Cats, something likely fitting her to a tee.