The Best Savory Foods at Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Silobration

Want to ring in the fall with Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper? If you’re in the Waco, Texas, area from Oct. 18-20, you’re in luck, as their annual Silobration festival is taking place. The famous HGTV family encourages locals, kids and adults alike, to take part in the festivities with them. There are local vendors and plenty of daytime activities, but in reality, we all know why most want to attend — and that’s for the delicious food.

Here are the savory food vendors at Silobration that you’ll be devastated you missed.

Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousins Maine Lobster | Cousins Maine Lobster via Instagram

Love lobster? Chip and Joanna have you covered by inviting Cousins Maine Lobster to their party. Not only does this company catch the freshest lobster on the East Coast, but they’re also all about creating a sustainable lobster fishing industry and boosting the local economy.

As for what you should eat, you have to try the lobster roll. Fresh fish, a grilled and buttered split-top roll (New England style, of course), and a little extra butter on top make this treat worth it.

Easy Slider

If you’re in the mood for a burger, look no further than Easy Slider. This gourmet slider truck serves up fresh and creative mini burgers that are made from certified angus beef, homemade bread, and local produce. With a mix of Texas roots and Southern influence, there’s something for every meat lover.

If you want something truly unique, try The Nutty Pig slider. It has beef, bacon, creamy peanut butter, lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

Helberg BBQ

Who doesn’t love barbecue? It’s a staple in Texas, so if you’re visiting Silobration, you’re well-advised to stop at Helberg BBQ. The secret to this food truck’s success is their “low and slow” method of cooking the meat so it gets as tender as possible. Though the husband and wife team who run the business are originally from Southern California, they’ve adapted quickly to Texas culture.

As for what you should try, the reviews all say the brisket and pulled pork are amazing.

H.O.T. Dog House

More of a hotdog lover than a hamburger? Then the H.O.T. Dog House is the vendor you should be checking out. They claim they have the best dogs in Waco, and if you live in town, they’re conveniently located at Magnolia Market. And the raving reviews are truly a testament to how good a fresh hotdog can be when done right.

You can go for a classic dog or try something a little more creative. The South Waco Dog is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it contains bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, pico de gallo, and tomatillo jalapeño sauce.

Little Brisket

If you can’t get enough of barbecue, Guess Family Barbecue owns the beloved food truck known as Little Brisket, and they’re serving up their delicious meals at Silobration. Guess Family Barbecue is a relatively new company that just got up and running in 2017 — and they were so popular that by the following year, they were ready to open up a brick and mortar location. It must be the delicious brisket, cheesy grits, and sausage that keep people coming back.

Can’t get to Silobration? No problem — Guess Family Barbecue’s Little Brisket truck has a permanent home on the Magnolia Silos grounds.

Cheddar Box

Cheddar Box

Two girls eating grilled cheese from Cheddar Box | Cheddar Box via Instagram

Anyone who loves cheese is sure to head straight for Cheddar Box at Silobration. Known as “Waco’s Original Grilled Cheese Food Truck,” their gourmet sandwiches are perfect for kids and adults alike. While kids may enjoy something more classic, adults will love one of the more indulgent creations.

If you need some guidance on what you should try, the Wacoan seems particularly festive. It has aged white cheddar cheese as well as horseradish pecan cheddar on sourdough. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The Mix Cafe

Fresh ingredients are the secret to The Mix Cafe’s success — and you can enjoy a variety of their eats at Silobration. They offer delicious sandwiches, award-winning soups, fresh veggies, and an amazing flourless chocolate cake all made by hand daily. There’s something for everyone at this cafe, no matter if you’re looking for a full meal or a sweet treat.

As for what you should try, the pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, and Brussels sprouts make the perfect combo.

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