The Best Scene in ‘Star Wars’ Was Shot in ‘Just a Big Room’

The Last Jedi was a very controversial film, so controversial in fact that some of its cast members have been harassed over simply playing their roles.

With that said, Star Wars fans can agree on a few things when it comes to The Last Jedi. Many of the shots and scenes in the movie were simply impressive, and many fans have been using those shots as their wallpapers or screensavers.

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie, however, was the duel between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren on Crait. What many fans may not know though, was that this awesome scene was simply shot in a big room with a lot of green screen.

‘Star Wars’: A look at their fight on Crait

Adam Driver
Adam Driver | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

At the end of the movie, all hope is lost. Leia and what’s left of the Resistance are trapped on a base on Crait. Kylo Ren and the First Order are closing in, and before they can finish the Resistance off for good, Luke appears out of nowhere and confronts Kylo Ren. 

Kylo Ren immediately orders his troops to fire on Luke. However, Luke somehow survives, and so Kylo Ren takes this as a cue that he needs to fight Luke himself. Kylo Ren goes up to Luke, they exchange a few words, and then they have an epic lightsaber “fight.” 

It doesn’t matter what Kylo Ren tries, he misses as Luke bobs and weaves out the way. Luke doesn’t even try to hit back, yet he’s clearly winning the fight.

Suddenly, Luke reveals that he isn’t really there, and that Kylo Ren has been fighting a force projection.

This distraction has given Luke’s friends enough time to escape. Kylo Ren is angry, but he accepts his mistake as he watches his enemies run away from him.

A behind the scenes look at this fight

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Like fans on Reddit talked about, this scene was simply shot in a big empty room that was surrounded by green screen. The filmmakers used some fake snow to make the planet seem real, but other than that, everything besides the actors was CGI. 

This surprised some fans, as this fight scene was so beautiful that some fans thought that it was shot with more practical effects. With that said, the fake snow actually was pretty important to the scene. 

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that movie gives its audience hints about the fact that Luke wasn’t really there. For example, Kylo Ren shifted his feet a little, and the snow around his feet moved. However, anytime that Luke moved, the snow around him never moved.

This detail is among many other smaller details that heighten fan’s enjoyment of the movie. 

Was this the best scene in the whole Star Wars franchise?

As one fan said, “Hands down best in all of Star Wars if we’re talking visuals.”

Obviously though, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so Star Wars fans may have different opinions in this regard. However, many Star Wars fans on Reddit agreed with that opinion. 

Additionally, fans enjoyed this lightsaber duel for other reasons, too. For example, Luke never attacked Kylo Ren, and instead, he played defense the whole time. This is something that is textbook Jedi behavior, and fans love that. 

Furthermore, the scene kind of feels like it’s from a samurai movie. The Star Wars franchise has made a lot of references to samurai movies, and this is a return to form in the eyes of many Star Wars fans.

On top of that, this scene had a lot of dramatic weight too, as both characters had a tense chat with each other, and Mark Hamill and Adam Driver gave the best performance that they could give.