The Best St. Patrick’s Day Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, the day when everyone is a little bit Irish. Many people will celebrate by heading down to the local pub and enjoying a pint (or perhaps a few pints) of Guinness. But homebodies don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Instead, just curl up on the couch with one of these Irish (or Irish-themed) movies or TV shows. 

The best Irish movies and shows on Netflix

Sadly, Netflix comes up a bit short in terms of St. Patrick’s Day viewing material. You won’t find notable Irish films like In the Name of the Father streaming for free. But you can watch two movies about the Irish in America, both set in Boston. First up is Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winner The Departed, about a police officer who infiltrates the city’s Irish mob. Next is The Boondock Saints, a thriller about two Irish twin brothers in Boston who become vigilantes.

You can also immerse yourself in Irish history by bingeing Rebellion, a two-season mini-series about the 1916 Easter Rising, when Irish republicans staged a rebellion against the British and helped set the stage for Irish independence. There are five episodes in each season. Derry Girls is a sitcom that takes a look at the Irish-English conflict decades later on. It’s about a group of teens growing up in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, when conflict between Irish nationalists and the British was at its peak. 

You can also check out The Fall, an Irish-British crime drama starring Gillian Anderson as an English detective who is sent to Northern Ireland to catch a serial killer played by Jamie Dornan.

The best St. Patrick’s Day movies and shows on Amazon Prime

The Quiet Man
John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, and Maureen O’Hara in a publicity still for The Quiet Man| Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

You’ll have a bit more luck if you’re looking for Irish movies on Amazon. Prime subscribers can queue up a long list of documentaries about Ireland, including Lord of the Dance, which features performances by famous Irish folk dancer Michael Flatley, and Ireland’s Wild Coast, a two-hour PBS special that explores the country’s Atlantic coastline. You can also watch The Irish Pub, “a eulogy to the greatest institution in Irish society.”

Prime members can also stream My Mother and Other Strangers, a BBC drama series about what happens when a U.S. Air Force base moves in next to a small town in Northern Ireland during World War II.

If you’re willing to shell out a few bucks, Amazon also has a number of well-known Irish movies available to rent including My Left Foot (about Christy Brown, an Irish man with cerebral palsy who became an artist) and In the Name of the Father (about a man falsely convicted of an IRA terrorist bombing). Both star Daniel Day-Lewis and were directed by Jim Sheridan. You can also rent Irish and Irish-themed movies like The Commitments, The Secret of Kells, The Quiet Man, Far and Away, The Crying Game (also streaming for free on Hulu), Angela’s Ashes, Hunger, The Magdalene Sisters, and Brooklyn on Amazon.

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