The Best Thrillers on Netflix for People Who Love Twist Endings

Have you watched Shutter Island multiple times, looking for all the clues sprinkled throughout the rising action? Are you a fan of movies like Fight Club and Memento? If you love a psychological thriller that comes with a surprising, yet inevitable, twist ending, then this is the list for you.

Leonardo DiCaprio 'Shutter Island'
Leonardo Di Caprio ‘Shutter Island | Photo by Ernesto Ruscio/FilmMagic

While jump scares and horror flicks hell-bent on making you cringe with an over-saturation of gore (literally) have their place in the film world, they often fail to inspire that sense of wonder inherent to movies with a twist. As you wrack your brain, trying to remember all the moments that could have led up to the shocking close, you appreciate the writers’ ability to leave you breathless, jaw agape.

When it comes to Netflix, the platform feature a few must-see thrillers boasting solid twist-endings. This list, while explaining each movie, will remain spoiler-free, so you don’t have to worry about any giveaways!

‘The Uninvited’ (2009)

Though not a huge critical success, The Uninvited does feature a juicy twist. The film follows young Anna after she returns home from a psychiatric facility. She returns to find a few shocking changes have taken place since her departure: her widowed father is now engaged to her deceased mother’s former nurse Rachel.

One fateful night, the ghost of Anna’s mother appears and accuses Rachel of murder. Anna’s investigation begins here. Elizabeth Banks portrays Rachel, Emily Browning stars as Anna, and David Strathairn plays the father.

‘The Signal’ (2014)

The Signal opened to mixed critical reviews, as the movie currently has a 59% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. While noting the director’s ingenuity – in terms of ideation and technical expertise – many felt that the story was a bit poorly constructed.

The Signal follows three college students who believe they have tracked down a rival computer hacker somewhere in the Nevada desert. The film stars Laurence Fishburne, Olivia Cooke, Brenton Thwaites, and Beau Knapp.

‘The Butterfly Effect’ (2004)

Categorized as a thriller/sci-fi, The Butterfly Effect spawned several follow-up movies of a similar nature; however, the original movie is the only one worth noting, as the concept felt cliche every time afterward. In The Butterfly Effect, Ashton Kutcher stars as college student Evan Treborn, who suffers from migraines so intense they often lead to blackouts.

While unconscious, Evan can travel back in time, and alter moments in his own life, as well as in the lives of his friends. As he continues to change the past, the present follows suit, and Evan finds himself in various unsettling alternate realities. While critics detested this movie, it was a fan favorite.

The Butterfly Effect currently boasts an 81% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, despite only receiving a 33% according to critics. If you have yet to see The Butterfly Effect, trust everyday viewers on this one. While the movie has its flaws, it’s a captivating look into the consequences that come with altering the past. The strong premise is enough to keep this movie above many others of its kind.

The twist-ending movies on Netflix that you have most likely seen already

The Sixth Sense (1999)

The Village (2004)

The Departed (2006)

Gone Baby Gone (2007)