‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 May Give Fans The Huge Moment They’ve Been Waiting For

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 may be more than halfway over, but it’s not over yet! We’ve made some predictions and dug up some clues as to what the remainder of the season might bring (leading up to the one huge event in particular that fans have been waiting many seasons for).

7.  Meeting Amy’s mom

Amy on The Big Bang Theory

Amy on The Big Bang Theory | CBS

With Sheldon and Amy’s engagement and all of the wedding planning that’s going on, we had a feeling we may meet or at least hear more from Amy’s mom  — and we were right! According to Variety, Kathy Bates and comedian Teller have been cast to play Amy’s parents in the Season 11 finale.

Amy’s a peculiar character (aren’t they all?), and it’ll be fun to gain more insight into why she is the way she is.

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6. Bernadette and Howard’s second child

Howard and Bernadette hold hands while sitting on a bed in The Big Bang Theory

Howard and Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory | CBS

We all remember the birth of Halley, the couple’s first child, in Season 9, and now it’s time to get to know Bernadette and Howard’s second child. This time around, the name selection process didn’t go as smoothly, although mom and dad ultimately settle on a moniker that is meaningful to them both: Neil.

But do we ever actually get to lay our eyes on Neil? Probably not. Showrunner Steve Holland apparently isn’t a fan of having babies on set.

“It makes me feel terrible for them, so I’m not super excited to have someone haul their newborn twins and shove them in front of a camera. But certainly the babies and having two babies will be a part of some upcoming episodes for Howard and Bernadette,”  he told Entertainment Tonight.

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5. Not much more family stuff

Raj, Leonard, Howard and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory

Raj, Leonard, Howard and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory | CBS

Though Howard and Bernadette have now welcomed another child, don’t expect a ton of baby-based storylines for the two.

“Obviously them being parents and having two kids is a part of the show, but we never want the gravity of the show to shift to being a sitcom about home life and family life,” says Holland. “That’s never been what the center of the show is for us. [The kids] will play more into the margins.”

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4. Baby talk for Penny and Leonard?

Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny on The Big Bang Theory | CBS

Penny and Leonard have been married for some time, so is having a baby is the next step to their relationship? We may at least get to hear them start to have the conversation, according to Holland.

The showrunner acknowledges that they’ve already shown two pregnancy stories on the show during two consecutive seasons, so he’s not particularly excited about adding another one. “But at the same time, these characters have to feel like real people and they’re in relationships and married. These are actual conversations that they would have and next steps that they would have, so we’ll see,” he said.

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3. A Bill Gates cameo

Bill Gates

Bill Gates | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Bill Gates made an appearance in a late March episode of this season, attending a function put on by Penny’s pharmaceutical company. The appearance, of course, puts Sheldon and gang in a tizzy, and they do everything they can in their power to meet him.

Gates was one of the few nerd-centric celebrities left that had yet to make a cameo on the show. Other famous guest star appearances on the sitcom include that of Leonard Nimoy, Steve Wozniak, Carrie Fisher and more.

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2. Season 11 will set up for the (likely) final season

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | CBS

Though it’s fun to make predictions for the remainder of Season 11, the reality is that the show needs to end some time. So it’s realistic to assume that this season will help set up some major events for what will likely be the final season next year.

Johnny Galecki, one of the shows leads, has hinted at the show ending after Season 12. “I think at this point everyone’s very comfortable with 12 seasons being a good time to go home and see our families,” he told reporters at this winter’s TCA press tour.

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1. Amy and Sheldon’s wedding

Sheldon and Amy in bed on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory | CBS

Though it’s not official (as of now the episode hasn’t even been written yet), the show’s producers have all but confirmed that they are finally giving fans the moment they’ve been waiting for in the Season 11 finale: Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. “I think you will see a wedding [this season]. We’ve certainly been building to it all season,” says executive producer Holland.

Sheldon himself has spoken about yearning for certain aspects of a traditional wedding, like the first dance. Here’s hoping we get to see him and Amy dancing their hearts out on their big day.

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