‘The Big Bang Theory’: The One Reason Raj Koothrappali Needs a Spinoff

After 12 seasons, fans were forced to say goodbye to the cast of The Big Bang Theory, while Sheldon Cooper continues to live on in the spinoff, Young Sheldon, the rest of the characters have seemingly been left behind. Fans, however, insist that Raj Koothrappali needs a spinoff, and there is one overarching reason why – everyone wants to see Raj finally find love.

Raj never found the love of his life

When Season 12 began to wrap up, fans were pretty sure Raj would end up with Anu. Sure, the relationship wasn’t the all-consuming type of love Raj was so desperately seeking, but the idea of him having a long-term companion warmed the hearts of fans. As most know, Raj didn’t end up with Anu, and when all was said and done, he ended the series as a single guy, just as he began it.

A lot changed over 12 seasons, though. Raj went through a massive metamorphosis, and while some fans believe it’s perfectly okay for Raj to end up alone, many were left feeling a little empty about it all. It’s mostly believed that Raj will find love someday, so why wasn’t it shown? Well, simply put, it just wasn’t his time yet. Could a spinoff explore his quest to live inside a romantic comedy? Absolutely.

There seems to be more character development for Raj

Raj came a long way from Season 1 to Season 12. He went from suffering from selective mutism to being able to speak to women in certain circumstances. That’s a big deal. According to the NHS, selective mutism is relatively rare in adults. Children generally begin suffering between the ages of two and four, and, generally speaking, the disorder manifests as an inability to speak in certain situations. Treatment for adults with the disorder are vague, and Raj was well into adulthood when fans first met him.

Raj Koothrappali( Kunal Nayyar) with Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons)
Raj Koothrappali( Kunal Nayyar) with Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) | Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

The fact that the writers chose to develop Raj’s character in a way that allowed him to not only speak to women but eventually date them with varying success is enormous. Still, though, everyone would love to see him overcome his social anxiety entirely and find the woman who is his perfect fit. That didn’t happen in The Big Bang Theory, so a spinoff focusing on his search for love would allow for plenty more character development.  

Raj’s origin story might be interesting, too

Aside from finding love as an adult, fans are immensely interested in finding out what caused Raj to suffer so much with anxiety. Throughout 12 seasons, fans are served up small tidbits of Raj’s life before he began working at CalTech, but those tidbits left fans wanting for more. For example, fans are aware that Raj’s family is wealthy, but how they came into so much money is never explained. We know that Raj’s father is disappointed by his “limited earning potential,” but it’s never really told, in-depth, how he got into the field of astrophysics.

Most important, fans are never told precisely why Raj can’t talk to women, or what traumatic event set him down the path of social anxiety if there was one. If writers wanted to give Raj a spinoff, exploring the origin of his story would likely be immensely interesting to anyone who is a fan of The Big Bang Theory. After all, it has worked out well with Sheldon Cooper’s spinoff.