‘The Big Bang Theory’: The Worst Character on the Show (It’s Not Sheldon)

The Big Bang Theory has quite the cast of characters. With so many big personalities involved, there are bound to be a few characters that rub viewers the wrong way.

Read on to find out who the absolute worst character on the show is (ranked from mildly irritating to downright annoying).

7. Leslie Winkle

Leslie Winkle stands and stares ahead
Leslie Winkle | CBS

Leslie Winkle, played by Sara Gilbert, is great at making our main character squirm. Her zingers and quick banter are great for putting Sheldon in his place, which can oftentimes be uncomfortable.

Leslie makes the list because she knows how to push Sheldon’s buttons, even though she hasn’t been a huge part of the show overall.   

6. Zack Johnson

Zack Johnson smiles
Zack Johnson | CBS

Penny’s on-and-off-again boyfriend Zack is a pretty average guy, all things considered, but man is he dumb. He’s not just dumb in the book sense, he’s dumb when it comes to social situations as well (he doesn’t do a very good job at picking up on sarcasm).

For this reason, he tends to rub some of the show’s hardcore fans the wrong way. 

5. Barry Kripke

Barry Kripke stands with his arms crossed
Barry Kripke | CBS

Barry Kripke makes the list because he’s such a thorn in the gang’s side. John Ross Bowie is funny and a good comedic actor, but the character he plays often comes off as annoying.

Sometimes annoying, sometimes too clever for his own good, Kripke is an exceptional nemesis for the boys,” says Cafe Mom 

4. Dr. Ramona Nowitzki

Dr. Ramona Nowitzki sits at a cafeteria table sitting in front of a salad
Dr. Ramona Nowitzki | CBS

You can’t have a The Big Bang Theory list of worst characters on the show without including the woman who tried to interfere with Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. Just when Amy and Sheldon were really trying to work through the whole long-distance thing, Dr. Ramona swooped in and made a move on Sheldon.

Thankfully, we know it all worked out

3. Dr. Beverly Hofstadter

Dr. Beverly Hofstadter holds a hand up to her chin
Dr. Beverly Hofstadter | CBS

It’s no wonder Leonard is such a drag — you would be too if Dr. Beverly Hofstadter was your mother.

“Christine Baranski is so amazing at playing Leonard’s cold, cruel psychiatrist mother Beverly that we actually cringe a little when she appears on-screen,” says Cafe Mom. “Dr. Hofstadter had very strong opinions on how to raise her little boy, and, oh, how they have played into his modern-day personality.”

2. Sheldon Cooper

Jim Parsons' Sheldon stands in front of a whiteboard in The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon Cooper | CBS

Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon — we can’t live with you, and we can’t live without you. Sheldon is, of course, the main character of the show; he’s the glue that holds the bunch together. But man, can he be annoying.

His lack of social skills is almost painful to watch. When he got a girlfriend and it somehow, against all odds, turned into a serious relationship, his cringe factor went up even higher because it’s sometimes awkward to watch someone like that try to navigate a romantic connection.

1. Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard Hofstadter sits on a couch in front of a laptop
Leonard Hofstadter | CBS

When Leonard isn’t obsessing over his relationship with Penny, he’s letting Sheldon walk all over him. He even makes Sheldon look like an alpha male.

Complex even ranked him as one of the most hated sitcom characters of all time, writing, “Yes, Leonard is the show’s straight-man, but even Bud Abbott put Lou Costello in his place on occasion. Whenever Leonard concedes the left-side couch cushion to Sheldon, it’s impossible not to want to slap the four-eyed nancy around out of frustration.”

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