‘The Big Bang Theory’: What’s Been Revealed About the Finale So Far?

Those who still didn’t understand the appeal of CBS’s The Big Bang Theory should make an effort to watch the series finale on May 16. After the final episode, CBS will broadcast a half-hour retrospective, a rare tribute to help casual viewers understand the sitcom’s cultural impact.

Beyond the analysis and retrospectives, the true fans are awaiting what happens in TBBT’s final episode. As with most show finales, details have been mostly under wraps, though a few kernels have emerged.

Those lucky to attend the final taping had to sign an NDA. However, one attendee danced around the legal semantics to give away a few observations about what viewers can expect.

What did one TV critic find out?

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Michael Ausiello from TVLine was one of the select critics allowed to attend the taping of TBBT’s final episode. While he was one of the NDA recipients, he somehow got away with a few interesting reveals without necessarily revealing anything.

Then again, many who try offering spoiler-free impressions usually end up giving more away than they think. One interesting reveal was the final episode has a bit of a dark streak, something going against the grain of what most episodes have ever done. Even so, he says there’s still plenty of laughs, including all storylines having organic resolutions.

Saying this much seems to tell us no one is going to die, or maybe even move away. Since some of the main male characters managed to finally find great women in their lives (and married them), we assume most of these characters will still live in the area of CalTech where the show takes place.

We know the writers didn’t initially want Sheldon and Amy to marry, but it finally happened last year. What would happen if we get a major surprise in the finale of a Sheldon Jr. being on the way?

The last episode will have a major cameo

Yes, Ausiello did place [redacted] on the name of a major cameo during the taping. Based on some of the high-profile cameos the show has enjoyed, we have to wonder if it’s someone from Star Wars or the original cast Star Trek.

It’s a gut punch to think nearly half of the most memorable icons appearing on the show over the years have passed away. People like Carrie Fisher, Stephen Hawking, and Stan Lee have since died. Stan Lee passed before the final TBBT taping, so he’s probably not the cameo star.

Our guess is it’s the return of Bob Newhart as Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton. Then again, it could be someone from Star Wars or scientific lore who’s never appeared on the show.

One segment won’t have a studio audience

According to Ausiello, one final part of the episode was taped without the audience present. Apparently there’s going to be some kind of surprise the producers don’t want leaked at all costs.

This sounds a little like Game of Thrones tactics with a “trust no one” philosophy keeping a finale truly secret. What would require this much cover-up for a sitcom is beyond us, yet it’s more than a little intriguing.

Considering TBBT is often cleverer than some critics gave it credit for, we could see a funny twist with a scientific theme. Hopefully it won’t be like Newhart‘s finale, despite Bob Newhart being involved in the show making it more than possible.

Thanks to the show giving a mainstream voice to science, we could see a surprise nod to science while still making us laugh out loud.

Expect a lot of emotion

Based on Ausiello’s account, the entire cast had a hard time getting through the taping without openly showing their emotions. Having this happen is a rite of passage for all shows having a major pop culture impact.

Maybe 12 years doesn’t seem all that long to some. For a few, it may seem like The Big Bang Theory just began when it’s really taken us through a lot of emotional and strange times.

Sitcoms may also never be the same when you realize how much it helped revive the sitcom in its classic sense.