‘The Big Bang Theory’: Will the Series End After Season 10?

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Source: CBS

The Big Bang Theory has reached several major milestones in season nine, but does this signify that the series will soon come to an end? The favorite CBS series is currently greenlit for one more season, and now it seems like the producers are hinting that season 10 could also be the sitcom’s last run on air.

This past season, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and on-again/off-again girlfriend Penny (Kaley Cuoco) tied the knot in Vegas, and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) took their relationship to the next level by finally getting physical. Even Rajesh (Kunal Nayyar) had his first real relationship with a steady girlfriend.

With the characters meeting so many long-in-the-making milestones over the course of just a few weeks, fans are wondering if the show is wrapping up loose ends. It’s a fair question, especially since the cast is currently only locked into contracts for one more season. So what does the show’s team have to say about it? When asked if he’s plotting out season 10 as if it’s the final season, showrunner Steve Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter (THR):

I think so. I can’t speak to the future or on behalf of the cast or where we’ll be then but it’s certainly possible that it could go past that. The reality is that maybe season 10 is the ending point. The real answer is, I don’t know and all I can do right now is go episode to episode and try to make each one the best that we can.

Update 6/1/16: More recently,  Kunal Nayyar, who portrays Raj on the show, told CinemaBlend, “Look, next season, as it stands on our contract, could be the last season of Big Bang Theory. To be completely honest … I know people are going to want to know what happens after season 10. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Source: CBS

Co-creator Chuck Lorre seemed more certain of the show’s future, as he told THR:

I never imagined nine [seasons] and here we are. I’m not going to presume to know how many years this has because it’s ridiculous for me to guess. It’s already gone beyond my wildest dreams so … as long as everybody is having a good time and we’re making a show we’re proud of … then it’s worth continuing.

CBS, for its part, has plenty of reasons to keep the show around. Eight-and-a-half seasons in, The Big Bang Theory still ranks as TV’s No. 1 comedy among the key 18-49 adult demo. While ratings for more recent episodes have dipped slightly from last season, the sitcom’s numbers are still remarkably strong, drawing an average of 15.6 million viewers so far this season.

Plus, while the show may seem like it’s wrapping things up story-wise this season, Molaro says there are actually still plenty of plot possibilities left to consider, should the show get renewed. For example, viewers have yet to see a formal wedding for Leonard and Penny or meet several key family members, like Penny’s mom, Leonard’s dad, Sheldon’s Meemaw, and Howard’s dad.

While viewers will be happy to hear there’s potential for more of The Big Bang Theory past season 10, they’ll likely have to wait to find out if it will ever be fulfilled. Molaro says he’s focusing on the second half of season nine before turning his attention to season 10 and anything beyond that. Fans will have to stay tuned for the network’s final decision. In the meantime, fans of The Big Bang Theory can catch the rest of the ninth season each Thursday night on CBS.

Update 9/8/16: The cast of The Big Bang Theory has yet to sign on for additional seasons. Showrunner recently discussed the issues with planning a show with no assurance that the cast will return after Season 10.

“We don’t really arc out stories too far, and we let things happen organically, and if things catch us by surprise — like Bernadette being pregnant or something like that — if it feels right, we go with it,” Molaro told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s more of that and if and when we know something that’s actual information that can be helpful [regarding the contracts], we may do something differently, but until then, we’re sticking to the game plan.”

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