‘The Biggest Loser’: With Two Weeks to Go, Another Contestant Has Been Eliminated

We’re closing in on the season finale of The Biggest Loser.

Next week is the final weigh-in and, in the following week, a winner will be crowned.

Kristi McCart of 'The Biggest Loser'
Kristi McCart of ‘The Biggest Loser’ | Ursula Coyote/USA Network

Last night, the competition said goodbye to Kristi McCart, a family law and estate planning attorney, who admirably made it into the final five of the show.

McCart spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her time on the show and who she thinks will take home the top prize.

McCart wasn’t surprised she was eliminated

McCart explained that she knew she might be one of the more likely contestants to be sent packing.

“I was surprised, but also I’m not surprised, because if anybody was going to go home, it probably was going to be, statistically speaking, me or Teri (Aguiar) and Teri is a beast.”

Kristi McCart

Aguiar broke her ankle two weeks ago on the show, during a mud challenge. Many viewers thought she would simply leave the show. But Aguiar remained and blew away everyone’s expectations of her and her injured ankle.

“I think [Aguiar] lost a greater percentage of weight with the boot on her foot than she did without it,” she said incredulously. “I was surprised I went home but I knew, at the end of the day, any one of us could have gone home. It was truly up in the air up until that weigh-in.”

The show-provided nutritionist has been a boon to McCart

The mother of one shared that she has been making good use of the nutritionist that the show provides for contestants to meet with once they’re eliminated and spoke highly of her visits.

“I love my talks with her. It’s really beneficial because every two weeks, life has a way of throwing curveballs your way, and we kind of just reevaluate on a biweekly basis. . . . we go through all the different options and we try to do a few corrective behaviors, and try to get to the root of it.”

She spoke of how seeing the nutritionist post-elimination has provided her with new insights on her habits, patterns, and possibilities.

“The biggest takeaway I had was, I saw myself walking into the show,” she said, “wanting to control everything in my life and being that type of personality but I never exercised control over myself.”

“Now going through this process, I feel finally, for once, in control of my body and my mind. I don’t have to control everything else around me and it’s a very freeing feeling because once you feel in control, you don’t have to be in control.”

So who does she think will win the whole thing?

“I’d have to go with my No. 1, my Jim [DiBattista, who has so far lost 85 lbs on the show]. I think that, you could not find a nicer, more deserving man, who just wants to better himself for himself and for his family. . . “

“He’s not one that makes a lot of noise on the show but he was the backbone of the Red Team. . . And I think he’s absolutely deserving [of winning].”

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