The Biggest Mistake Meghan Markle Made After Meeting Prince Harry

Even if Meghan Markle does hate her new life living under a microscope, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’d go back and change a thing. Because as hard as it is being the subject of constant criticism, the one thing she wouldn’t have without her current life is her son, Archie.

There’s also the small detail that she seems to truly love Prince Harry. The pair met after being set up by a mutual friend and now they’re happily wed with a newborn child together. However, fans have spent a good amount of time discussing one single mistake Meghan Markle made right after that very monumental first date.

Would Meghan Markle still make the same decisions knowing what she knows now? We’ll never know the answer to that.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Meghan Markle had no idea what she was getting into

There are several things that the Duchess of Sussex could have done differently after she met her dashing prince. One thing that fans point out about Markle is how she confused “fame with royalty” and thought she’d be better equipped to handle all the attention.

Meghan Markle was uniquely poised to deal with being famous since she was a Hollywood actress. With plenty of experience walking the red carpet and getting her photograph taken by tabloids, she probably thought that the pressures of royal life were well within her comfort zone.

But she was just so wrong about that. A small-time television actress might inspire a little bit of intrigue. Becoming Prince Harry’s wife, on the other hand, put her on a whole other level of fame.  

She didn’t properly prepare for the scrutiny

There are certain things about herself that Meghan Markle just can’t change, like her background and past career. But going forward in her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle should have been more prepared for what would be expected of her.

Royal fans point to the interview Markle did right after she and Prince Harry announced their engagement. During the interview, she seemed rushed and unprepared, often interrupting Prince Harry to get her own point across. One royal follower went so far as to call it a “disaster.”

Perhaps part of the problem was that the Duchess of Sussex never knew her every word and facial expression would be endlessly scrutinized — and subsequently, criticized — by millions of people. If she did, she certainly would have taken more time to think about what to say.

Meghan Markle has a hard time letting go of who she was

Though they certainly weren’t old when they met and married, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle both lived full lives and developed specific tastes and interests before they became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And for Markle, letting go of her past has proven difficult.

Royal fans were a little confused when Markle flew to New York City to attend a secret baby shower that her friends hosted for her. That’s not something that any other royal would do — but then again, most aren’t from foreign countries.

There are plenty of other instances of Meghan Markle breaking royal protocol either accidentally or on purpose. From the clothes she wears to the statements she makes, it’s clear that the Duchess of Sussex is unwilling to completely relinquish her former identity.

And maybe that’s exactly what the royal family needs.