The Biggest Proof Queen Elizabeth Cares Deeply About the Royal Family’s Image

The royal family is under a microscope, with fans and followers closely tracking everything that they do and say. From Meghan Markle‘s first days as a new mom to Kate Middleton‘s choice of clothing and footwear, every choice that the royals make is bound to come back to them in some way. It’s easy to assume that they have grown indifferent to much of the gossip and speculation, but there’s one very important member of the royal family who clearly cares very deeply about the entire royal family and how they appear to the public and press.

Queen Elizabeth has suffered from a stuffy image in years past

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

As the longest-reigning monarch in Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth is clearly doing something right. Her political acumen and dedication to duty have served her well, and at 93 years old, she is showing no signs of slowing down. Still, the queen has suffered at time from a public image that many would describe as stuffy, especially around the time of Princess Diana’s death. She reportedly has very strict rules of conduct for those in her inner circle and doesn’t seem to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Queen Elizabeth holds herself to the same standard and follows the same routine every single day, including starting her day by listening to bagpipe music and writing in a secret diary before retiring at night. In spite of her advanced age and the fact that her public image has taken a hit on occasion, within the past few years, Queen Elizabeth’s popularity has risen. A recent poll revealed that the majority of British people want the queen to retain the throne for as long as possible and that, in fact, support for the monarchy has increased.

Queen Elizabeth is quite different in private

Perhaps one reason for Queen Elizabeth’s immense popularity is the numerous reports that have given clues as to her true personality. The 93-year-old ruler has shown in recent years that she has no problem breaking the rules of royal protocol when the occasion calls for it. In 2009, Michelle Obama revealed that she and Queen Elizabeth hugged, which is a huge no-no for members of the royal family.

More recently, she has shown that she is truly dedicated to her family, demonstrating that when she invited Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, to royal get-togethers that were traditionally reserved for royals-only.

According to some reports, Queen Elizabeth actually has a fantastic sense of humor and loves joking around with family and friends in private. She also reportedly loves chatting about her favorite hobbies, which includes horses, her beloved corgis, and, of course, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Queen Elizabeth is the head of the family

At the end of the day, Queen Elizabeth is still the head of the royal family and is expected to maintain appearances. While she can and will break rules when she feels it is necessary, a recent news story reveals that the queen is deeply invested in the future of the royal family, and how they are perceived by the public.

The Daily Mail reports that when the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, let slip some details of his private conversations with Queen Elizabeth, the monarch was less than pleased. One tidbit includes that she stated: “I don’t know why anyone would want the (prime minister) job.”

According to the news story, following Johnson’s gaffe, he was warned by the palace to watch his words more carefully. Clearly, Queen Elizabeth still likes to maintain strict control over what is said about the royals, and the future of Britain’s political elite.